Play Ocean Princess Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Sebastian the Crab said it best when he sang about how living under the sea is the best. Of course, as humans, that is not so readily available, and thus we need to live vicariously. But with the amazing multi spin Ocean Princess video machine, now you can feel like you are under the water with amazing graphics and sounds. Not to mention, there is really some amazing treasure under the sea! This really fun three reel, five payline video machine gives you five chances to make winning combinations. And with 23 ways to make a winning combination, well, the odds are definitely in your favor to win!

Play Ocean Princess Slots Online

All About Ocean Princess

Multi spin video machines like Ocean Princess are a ton of fun because instead of playing one payline, you play five. But, unlike multi reels, the paylines are not interconnected, so it is almost as if you are spinning five separate lines. The only thing that connects all these lines is one simple action – on the first spin, only the first line reveals itself. You then have the opportunity to choose which symbols you would like to keep. Now, study the paytable and think hard about your strategy in determining which ones to keep and which symbols to discard. Once you figure that out, you spin the reels again and this time all of them spin, showing the final combination of symbols. Did you get a winning combination? With five chances to do so, it is a lot likelier you will.

One of the great things about Ocean Princess is that there is a wild symbol! Now, when we talk about holding on to symbols after the first spin, you always want to hold onto the wild symbol. Why? Well, because it can be a substitute for any other symbol on the board, making it a lot easier to get a winning combination! In this video machine, the wild symbol is the crown. Also, the wild symbol gives the highest payout if you get three in a row – a whopping 1,000 coin jackpot! But that is only if you do “Max Bet.” If you don’t, you end up with 250 coins. So, it is always better to bet more because you can make more!

Not sure yet if you want to spend actual money on this video machine? That is okay! Sign up for a “for fun” account and play using fake coins! Once you are ready take the leap, switch on over to a real money account!

More than Just Ocean Princess at Mansion Casino South Africa

Ocean Princess is an amazing online slot machine, filled with wonder, joy, and loads of opportunities to make lots of money! But that is not the only video machine available at Mansion Casino, the top offsite casino South Africa has to offer. Oh no, there are many other slots games to choose from. So what is your poison? Are you a fan of classic video machine, or do you like the strategy and risk involved with multi reel or multi spin video machines? Whatever your joy is in terms of video machines, you can play them all here. Sign up for an account today and spin those reels!