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Quite possibly the most recognized video poker options available today is Online Deuces Wild. This video poker match is played much like Five Card Stud except with one difference – in the deck for this style, the two cards are random, as the name suggests! The twos can turn into any card you need to make a stronger hand that nets you an even larger payout.

Play Deuces Wild Video Poker Online

Keep in mind though that the odds of getting a deuce in your initial deal is actually only once every 2.6 times. This means you have a less than 50 percent chance of starting off your hand holding a pair. And of that, only 15 percent of the time will the pair be a pair of twos. This means that you cannot always rely on getting the twos, and knowing the ins and outs of poker are essential to winning.

Playing Online Deuces Wild

Online Deuces Wild is a very easy remote access poker version to play. You start off by placing your initial bet and then the computer deals you five cards face up. This is your initial hand. Once you study your hand, you are able to select the cards which you would like to hold onto and the cards you would like to discard for newer, hopefully better, cards. Once the second set of cards are dealt, the computer looks over your hand to see if you are in possession of a winning combination. If you have a winning hand, you will receive a payout that is in accordance to the amount you bet versus the payout on the pay table.

Because Online Deuces Wild is similar to many other video poker variants, the rules are also the same for the most part. There is only one primary difference – the inclusion of the random card, in this case, the two. A random card can greatly aid in making winning hands, especially some of the tougher hands to get. But, because there is a taboo card, this means that single pairs and two pairs do not get any payout. This is because of the ease in which to get these hands. You need a minimum of a three of a kind to receive a payout. Do not lose hope though because there is also one additional hand you can make with this version – five of a kind!

Strategy of Online Deuces Wild

It is essential to have a strategy when playing Online Deuces Wild. Any tips and tactics you can learn will help you to become a much better video poker player. One of the top things to remember is to never discard the two. While you may be used to doing this with other poker styles, this is the one time you will not want to do it but actually hold onto the cards. Another piece of advice is if you are initially dealt two twos and another three cards ranked below ten, get rid of those three cards unless you can make a three pair or four of a kind. And if you do not get any twos at all, do not hesitate to discard all your cards for new ones.

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