Play Piggies And The Wolf Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Are you a slacker or a hard worker? Maybe you prefer to leech off of other’s successes. Well, there is one way to find out, and that’s by playing the Piggies And The Wolf slots at our online casino! Whether you go for the rickety straw house, the sturdy brick structure or opt to skim off the top like the wolf, one thing is for sure. There is a lot of fun going on around these parts, so check it out now!

Play Piggies and the Wolf Slots Online

Piggies And The Wolf History

The slots machine Piggies And The Wolf is based off of an old English tale where three pigs go to find their fortunes but encounter a wily wolf in their path. This story dates back to 1890, and there have been many renditions and revisions made to the original since then. These include the more colourful animated editions by Disney and Warner Brothers, classics that many people remember growing up with. If this story was a childhood favourite, then you are going to love playing alongside these adorable characters casino-style!

How to Play Piggies And The Wolf

Wondering how to get this party started? The rules are simple:

  • Start by entering the line bet you want to make for this round. Press on the plus and minus signs to adjust.
  • Then hit spin to watch the reels kick into action. You can also use the auto mode that will let you automatically run through multiple rounds at a time using the initial wager that you made.
  • Turbo mode puts everything into hyper drive. That means the whole game will be going much faster, so watch closely or you might miss all the fun!
  • The point is to match up three of a kind to collect the payout that the combination rewards. You can see how much each combo will bring in by looking at the pay chart.
  • The symbols include all three piggies with their houses, the poker suite and some bonus features that we’ll get to in just a minute.

Hints to Win Piggies And The Wolf

Try out these hints for better gaming fun:

  • Use the wild symbol whenever you can to create more matches and collect more prizes.
  • The scatter symbol, the Piggies And The Wolf logo, doesn’t have to be in any specific position in order to work for you.
  • Take advantage of the bonus features like the Huff n’ Puff Shuffle that is activated when the wild symbol covers the fifth reel and the Blow The House Down bonus round.

As far as odds are concerned, the one certainty is that you are going to have a ball, so let’s go!