Play Pink Panther Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

When it comes to classic detectives people can’t help but love, the Pink Panther movies automatically float into your head. Whether it’s the original from 1964 or the latest version that came out just a few years ago, the bungling police assisting fool has not escaped our hearts throughout his long history! Well, now you are going to enjoy those characters even more because they are starring in their own betting revelry, and it is one round that you are not going to want to sit out. Find all the details about your new favorite variety right here, right now!

Play Pink Panther Slots Online

Pink Panther Play

The Pink Panther machine lets you play the reels just like you always have, but now you can do so with that cat-like style you love! Place your bets and enjoy the graphics in this video machine with loads to offer. This one has even more pay lines than some of the other online slots you may have already enjoyed here. Forty pay lines wait your command, so take advantage and just imagine all the potential winning options!

One of the biggest differences between the Pink Panther machine and others that you might have enjoyed previously is that you need a real money account to play. Unlike our free play casino slots games, this one requires you to register for a real money account because the payouts are larger and the challenge so much more exciting! Don’t know how our real money accounts work? Here are the step by step instructions for enjoying your own win today!

First click on the download button that beckons you! You’ll be brought to a login screen that will allow you to choose a practice mode or a real money account to sign up for. Take the real option to access this awesome version, and the rest is super simple! Place bets, choose lines, give a whirl, have a ball! Keep spinning till that jackpot is yours!

Pink Panther Bonuses

The video machine is not your typical fruit spewing classic one liner. In fact, this one comes chocked full of some super duper features that you are going to go wild over. Want to hear about a few?

The Pow: Everyone’s favorite color is back to help you out in this exciting feature. Sporadically throughout the rounds, the pow will just turn random icons into the wild symbol! That means at any given time, you can just suddenly get wild cards all over the place. Talk about exciting!

Crack the Code Safe Bonus: Here comes another creative twist for you to take advantage of. Blow the cover off this safe passage with sticks of TNT and a little luck!

That’s enough of the spoilers for now! If you want more dirt on the ever-enchanting Pink Panther machine, you will just have to put the spin on things for yourself! Get over to the Mansion for the greatest experience you’ve ever had with remote access entertainment. It’s what you’ll come to expect from the number one casino in South Africa or anywhere else. Join the fun now!