Play Queen of the Pyramids Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Cleopatra, Queen of the Pyramids, was known far and wide and throughout the ages for her allure that was often a fatal attraction. With such cunning and charm, it is only natural that gamblers across the ages would want to monetize such winning characteristics, and that is where Queen of Pyramids comes from. So step into the most fabulous casino South Africa has ever experienced, and discover the mystery, the magnetism and the irresistible draw that this version has for players everywhere!

Play Queen of Pyramids Slots Online

Understanding Queen of the Pyramids Slots

Reading the symbols in all of our slot games is the first step in becoming a pro at this sport. Once you know the pictures that you are working with and how much each one is worth, you can know what to gear your rounds towards and which ones will really give you the big payouts. This isn’t just a good strategy builder, but it will also make the rounds more fun because you will know what’s going on and be more aware of the ramifications of symbols that pop up on the screen as the reels complete their spin. In this version, there are cryptic pictures that are reminiscent of the ancient dialect spoken in old Egypt. Don’t worry if you haven’t majored in hieroglyphics; we can help you decipher the coded icons that are rampant around the Queen of Pyramids. Read the chart below, and also pull up the paytable that we have provided for you at the bottom of the playing board.

Birds and lions are the basis of the pay chart. Getting five of either of these options gives you one hundred units, and that’s the bottom line amounts! Five fish and flowers will give you two hundred, while five ships will pay out three hundred units! Finally, the pointy structures that entitle this version are the most valuable symbols before you get into the more exciting varieties like wild and scatter symbols. Five will give you five hundred units!

Queen of the Pyramids Bonuses

Cleopatra herself is the wild card for this version, and she can replace any other icon on the board to complete a set, exclusive of the unicorn and scorpion symbols. The unicorn is a bonus symbol. Three of these majestic creatures lined up in a row which forms on an active payline will open up the bonus round. This means big prizes for you, so hope for the magic horse!

Scorpions entitle you to free spins, and loads of them! Three scorpions will land you ten free spins, four scorpions will give you twenty-five spins and five scatter symbols anywhere on the board will enhance your pockets with one hundred free spins! One other amazing feature is the fact that wins during these bonus rounds are multiplied, so your winning count even more than before!

Once you have mastered the Queen of Pyramids version, you can get busy with another variety. There are so many slots online that you can enjoy, that the hardest part is choosing which one to start with! We recommend you just go down the list having the time of your life with all of our wonderful assortment. Play now, and find out what fun is all about!