Play Reel Classic 3 Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Looking for a traditional, Las Vegas style traditional single payline game? Look no further than Reel Classic 3. This game is very appealing to enthusiasts looking for something straightforward and easy to play, and it does not get much easier than this game. There is no nonsense and all the symbols are ones you commonly recognize with these types of gambling games, including cherries and gold bars. You will feel right at home playing Reel Classic 3 on your computer. Play from anywhere you want! Do not be surprised if you find yourself playing for hours and hours on end, this game is just that addicting to play!

Play Reel Classic 3 Slots Online

Enjoy Reel Classic 3 – a Classic Online Slots Game

Much like all the other traditional three reel, single payline games found online, Reel Classic 3 has a simple objective – get three symbols across the red payline that amount to a winning combination. To play, first you need to decide how big of a coin size you are going to wager. Keep in mind that the more you bet, the more you win back. After selecting the coin size, the next step is to decide if you will “Bet One,” “Bet Two,” or “Bet Max.” You will see the different columns on the paytable for each option. Note how “Bet Max” gives the largest payout for winning combinations. Again, you will have to spend more per bet, but the winnings are outrageous!

After the bet is placed the reels will spin, just like the coin machines at any standing gaming establishment. Watch as the cherry symbols, single bar, double bar, triple bar, and gold coin symbols pass by. Don’t be surprised if you start yelling at the screen for the reels to stop spinning, everyone does that! Once the reels stop, if you have a winning combination, you are paid out accordingly!

Because it is a traditional game, there are no special features like bonus games and wild symbols. There is, however, a very large bonus of 5,000 coins if you get three coin symbols on a “Max Bet.” See, it IS worth it to bet the maximum amount!

Play Reel Classic 3 Today at Mansion Casino South Africa for Free

Want to enjoy your favorite games but do not have the money to put down? No worries, you can play all your favorite classic slots free, including Reel Classic 3, at MansionCasino South Africa! Free slots South Africa allows you to enjoy the excitement of the game but without damaging your bank account. It also allows you to get a good feel for the game and see if it is the right fit for you! Not sure how to play multi line and multi spin games? Test them out gratis to see if you get the hang of them. If you play a game gratis, you can get to know the rules, the paytable, and if there are any strategies! Once you are comfortable enough with the game, feel able to switch to a pay version where you can win real money when the reels stop in your favor! Online slots in south africa.