Play Sultan’s Gold Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Looking for riches, then maybe the Middle East is what you are looking for. No, no genie to grant you infinite riches but what about Sultan’s Gold? It is one of the latest in multi reel online slots brought to you by the amazing people at our fabulous arena! Sultan’s Gold is a five reel, 20 payline multi reel where the odds of winning are higher because there are more lines, meaning more opportunities to make winning combinations. Be sure to play all the available lines to maximize the fun and make the most money possible!

Play Sultan’s Gold Online

All About Sultan’s Gold

One of the greatest things about Sultan’s Gold is the look and feel of this version. With the gold and purple colors weaved through the screen along with bright, shiny jewels, you really feel as though you are taken way back, hundreds of years the associated time. To play is simple – just make your bet and watch the wheels as they spin. If you have any winning combinations, the computer will pay you out accordingly.

Always keep an eye out for the royal symbol as it has the largest payout. If you see five of these symbols in a row, you will receive 5,000 coins. And if you are betting the maximum amount, you will get a really large payout.

Sultan’s Gold and the Mystery Scatter Box

One of the most exciting features of this multi reel is the mystery scatter box as part of the free round feature. To activate the free round feature, you need to get three or more temple symbols scattered anywhere on the reels along an active payline. This feature gives players ten free spins along with a randomly chosen symbol to act as the mystery scatter (except for the temple). Every time the mystery scatter appears, your winnings will be multiplied. The mystery scatter will show up on top of the reels. If three scatter symbols show up, you get a 5x multiplier against your original bet. Four scatter symbols will get you a 25x multiplier, and if you get five scatter symbols, your original bet will be multiplied by one-hundred. If three or more temple symbols show up during these free spins, you will get ten more free spins. Because the free spins are unlimited, if you are really lucky, you will not have to make any kind of bet for a long, long time!

Looking for fun, excitement, and maybe a bit of extra money? Then you should definitely come and play Sultan’s Gold! It is one of the many slots games available at our outstanding establishment, the number one casino in South Africa! With so many opportunities to win, why not give it a try?! And for beginners not used to multi reels, try playing the free mode first. It will help you get acquainted with how the different lines work and the associated paytable. Once you are more comfortable with the version, go ahead and switch to the pay mode and win actual money. Open up an account today and get a nice sized bonus! Seriously, a monetary bonus to play more options! Who could ask for more?!