Play The Six Million Dollar Man Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Most people playing will not remember the original appearance of The Six Million Dollar Man. This was a TV show from the seventies in which a retired astronaut agrees to have unique surgery that will transform him into a superhero. He then goes on to work for the government doing top secret missions. The whole premise is based off of a book called Cyborg, written by Martin Caidin, and the show had a wide following while it aired for its own five seasons.

Play The Six Million Dollar Man Slots Online

Well, gambling fans of the present time can still enjoy Lee Majors’ character in these new free online slots featuring The Six Million Dollar Man today! Get cozy with this five reel, fifty payline option that pays out big wins at every turn. Need a refresher on the symbols you are dealing with in this machine? Here is a quick look at what you are dealing with.

The Six Million Dollar Man Symbols

Icons that you will find include bionic body parts such as hands and feet, Steve Martin, the famous astronaut, and a few more technology-driven symbols that you can try to make sense of. There are also fun features that you can enjoy in this machine. The Bionic Spin Mode is an additional feature that allows you to bone up on your wild symbols during gratis spins. This can substantially increase your earnings, but it will cost you too. Fifty percent of your initial wager will be added to the total. Land three or more of the scatter symbols in this version, and you’ll be awarded fifteen spins and multipliers that will make you smile!

Playing The Six Million Dollar Man

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