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We could all use a break every once in a while. In fact, at the end of a long week, it feels like a holiday is exactly what we need. The powers that be do not always allow for a luxurious getaway whenever we want one. The expenses and time off are just not feasible for most people on a regular basis. Fortunately, Playtech has a solution to your need for some fun in the sun. Vacation Station is a free online slots machine that will transport you to a remote location, show you a good time and even give you some cash in your pocket to spend while you are kicking back and relaxing in your favorite easy chair!

Play Vacation Station Slots Online

Vacation Station Features

Vacation Station offers a unique twist on the usual set up of most slots games. Instead of giving you a certain number of rows and reels to work off of as is what is typically expected of this style of betting challenge, our current version has nine icons that spin independent of one another. That means you get nine reels within this small but effective screen! There are also eight possible paylines to utilize. All in all, it’s a lot of options to consider.

The symbols for Vacation Station include the typical modes of transportation that you can enjoy while getting to and once on your holiday. There are the more standard transports like airplanes, boats and trains, but then there are the more exotic devices that you wouldn’t take every day like a hot air balloon and a submarine! Hey, you’re on holiday, why not give it a shot? Also look out for subway cars, RV’s and motorcycles.

How about the scatter icon? A fully-loaded suitcase is the symbol for this option, and you should keep your fingers crossed for this one because it could pay out up to one thousand times your initial wager! Four icons will double your wager; five will give you ten times the amount; six offers fifty times; seven lands you two hundred times; and eight suitcase symbols will pay out five hundred times your original bet! These numbers are mind-blowing, so don’t waste a second of your time. Get in on the action now!

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