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You can’t tell us that deep down inside you haven’t always wished you could be the brave and badass sheriff who bags the bad guys in those old western movies! It’s every man’s dream to wear the hat just slightly a kilter, to strut his stuff in slow motion and to have that lightning reflex to draw his weapon, aim and fire right on target every single time! It’s just hardwired into our nature to want to nab the villains, and now you are being given the chance to do just that in Wanted Dead or Alive!

Play Wanted Dead or Alive Slots Online

Wanted Dead or Alive Features

If you like excitement rolled up in casino slots packaging, then you are going to love Wanted Dead or Alive. It’s the true to life old western style variety that keeps the action high and the earnings higher! The bad guys have those bad, oily mustaches, and it’s your job to clean up the town, one scumbag at a time! Up to the challenge? Good! Then place your bets, and let’s get started on this entertaining gambling event immediately.

Twenty five pay lines give you the opportunity to line up plenty of wins, so take advantage of it. Also keep an eye out for dynamite but not for the usual reasons. Five of those symbols score you a dizzying ten thousand times your payout!

Wanted Dead or Alive has a unique feature that you are really going to go wild over. It’s not the usual wild cards or scatter symbols that you are used to. We know those are awesome incentives, but we have something that will surely equally the excitement to those great bonuses! A dollar ball variant is added to this version of the beloved online betting wonder. What’s a dollar ball? If you haven’t had the pleasure, then it goes a little something like this:

Before the round begins, you are asked to choose a spread of numbers. These can be anything from your postal code to your kids’ birthdays or a secret code you’ve compiled just for such purposes. We don’t care, you just plug in the numbers, and we’ll do the rest! Once you have gone through the regular motions of other slot games, play begins. The difference here is that you will periodically see numbers appearing on the screen. These numbers are being generated by an automatic system with no bias or predetermined variables. Just random numbers popping up. So what’s so exciting about that you ask. Well, nothing, unless you know that those numbers are jackpot hits. That is to say, if any of the numbers that you had previously chosen appear on the screen during the round, your winnings are multiplied! You win, and then you win again and again! It’s an exciting prospect that our members love to enjoy all the time, and we are pretty sure you will too.

Play Wanted Dead or Alive Now!

So get over to the best casino South Africa has ever experienced now and play Wanted Dead or Alive for the thrills, the chills and the actualization of your long-time dream to be the head honcho at last!