Play Zhao Cai Jin Bao Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Zhao Cai Jin Bao, literally “Attract wealth and treasures” in Chinese, is a nine-line slots machine that is brimming over with Chinese allusion and allure. People who appreciate this ancient culture and deep heritage will really enjoy this next version, and, who knows, you may even find some of that wealth and treasures for yourself!

Play Zhao Cai Jin Bao Slots Online

Zhao Cai Jin Bao – History & Fun Facts

What does Zhao Cai Jin Bao actually mean and where does this neat little phrase come from? In truth, it has several uses currently. One of the most popular ones is a delicious dish consisting of strips of veggies and fish. There was also a cover album by Cute Princess, a girl band from Malaysia. Most prominently, though, it is a saying used to share good tidings when you want to wish someone prosperity and success. With such a rich background, there’s no way these reels aren’t going to hold a fortune for you as well!

Rules For Playing Zhao Cai Jin Bao

Playing Zhao Cai Jin Bao in Mansion Casino South Africa has never been easier, and it is definitely a delight to watch these colourful reels in action.

  1. Start your session by deciding how much you want to wager. This is a personal decision, and there are no rules regulating how much or how little you spend per round. Make sure that you have enough in your bankroll to play a long session without going bust early.
  2. Next you are going to want to decide how many rounds you want to play at a time. You can always go with the traditional single round at a time, but we offer other options as well. You can use our auto play function to make the game a little bit more fast pace and a whole lot more exciting. This feature runs through each round one right after the next, racking up your winnings and making time fly when you’re having fun!
  3. The system will automatically calculate your debits and credits, so you really don’t have anything left to do but sit back and enjoy. Take in all the sights including the brightly coloured images of the Chinese dragons, fish, fans and fruits, and relax with the entrancing music that plays as background to each round.

Tips to Win at Zhao Cai Jin Bao

  • Don’t forget that when you place a wager, it is a per line wager. That means, the number of lines you have open will be multiplied by your wager to give a total wager amount. Five lines at one unit a piece makes for a five-unit round.
  • Don’t worry about odds and probability. You will likely get lost in the number crunch and never get out! Just have fun, and spin away!