Play Live Roulette Online at NZ

Live Roulette is the amazing alternative to the online casino game that gives you even more action than before! Here are the bets you need to know about the live casino craze Live Roulette.

Inside bets are the more trying and riskier options in Live Roulette. These have a lower probability to actually come around, so they are harder to hit. Since that is the case, these are also the ones that will deliver a larger earning if you do win them. If you are the kind of better who likes to take greater chances and roll high, then the inside bets will work well for you. Here are some of your options:

Live Roulette Bets

  • If you want to bet on a single number, seven, just for example, then this would be called a straight up bet. This is the absolute hardest bet to cash in on because you are only allowing for a single number outcome as the win. If this happens, you will walk away with a huge victory, though! There is a thirty-five to one payout for this chancy move!
  • Almost as difficult to maneuver is the split bet. This is when you wager on two numbers that sit next to each other on the board. It can be any two numbers, and, once again, the odds are stacked against you most of the time. If you get this spin, though, once again, you’ll walk away quite happy.
  • A street is another name for a horizontal running row of numbers. There are three numbers in a street, and the odds are starting to get better for you here.
  • Corner bets involve placing a chip at the corners where four numbers meet on the board. Again, this can be any combination that qualifies.
  • Going up in the order is a six line bet. This is simply two street bets next to each other. Plain and simple.
  • Finally, there are combinations that involve choosing threes, twos, ones and zeros respectively. Their names are trio bets, basket bets and top line bets.

Outside bets are much simpler to follow and to win. They break up into red/black, odd/even, hi/lo and columns and dozens. These have much greater odds and therefore lower payouts.

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