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The main goal of the game of our Live Baccarat version is to predict which of the three possible outcomes will be the results of your current round. Will the banker win? The player? Or will they tie?

Live Baccarat Rules

Here is a breakdown of the card values and rules:

  • Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens all count as zero. This is a little backwards to the usual value system, where the royalty cards are counted as ten. Change keeps things that much more challenging to keep up with!
  • Aces count as one in Live Baccarat.
  • The rest of the cards are simple; they just count as their face value, so you can follow that one easily!
  • Here is an interesting twist to the game as well. The highest value of a hand is nine. How does this work? When you get a total that equals more than nine, first number of the total is ignored and only the second number counts as your final total. For example, if you end the round with a hand consisting of a five and a seven, then you would add those two numbers together for a total of twelve. Then you would drop the one, and the two would be your new and final grand total for that hand. Get it? Good!

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