Play Live Casino Hold’em Online at NZ

Just getting into the live casino scene from our hot online casino platform? That’s okay; we’ll help you through the basics so you can get down to business having a ball! Which game are you checking out first? We have Live Baccarat for the Baccarat busting gamblers or Live Roulette for those that like to give life a spin once in awhile! Live Blackjack is always going to be at the top of the charts, but maybe you need some tried and true Live Casino Hold’em today? If that’s the case, then here is a quick look at this amazing variety that you are soon to call your favourite!

Want to learn about Live Casino Hold’em? Great! First get the rudimentary concept down, then you can get into the nitty-gritties later on. In this live casino game, you are trying to create a winning hand. What is a winning hand, you ask? That is the best question, and it deserves the best answer! Find a list of the top ranking hands in order of least value to the greatest on our site. Go for the gold, and enjoy our online casino even more! In case you need the list in a hurry, here is the super fast version:

Live Casino Hold’em Rules

Royal Flush beats Straight Flush; Straight Flush beats Four of a Kind; Four of a Kind beats Full House; Full house beats a Flush; a Flush beats a Straight; a Straight beats a Three of a Kind; a Three of a Kind beats two Pairs; two Pairs beats one Pair! If it’s even possible that nobody was able to catch any of the amazing hands that we listed above, then the highest point cardholder wins the whole thing. Imagine winning on a technicality like that! Well, that’s what poker faces are all about!

That about gives you the nutshell version of Live Casino Hold’em. Now that you know what you are shooting for, you can play at our live casino all night long! Join into the best NZ online casino now, and be a part of the greatest online casino that has ever been made!