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Roulette was invented over 300 years ago by a mathematician who probably never envisioned that his invention would turn into one of the best online casino games worldwide. There are many different variants in the world of online roulette and most are based on European Roulette. With house odds as low as 2.70% there have been many strategies that were developed to increase the punters odds at walking away from the table a big winner. Try your strategy today!

How to Play European Roulette at Mansion Casino

To get started playing European Roulette at the legit online casino, you should first download our casino game software. This will give you unlimited access to all our games in Real Money Mode.

You can start playing by clicking on the chips you wish to wager and select the area, or areas, on the betting table you want to bet on. Unlike the American Roulette game that has two green 0 and 00 pockets, European Roulette has just a single zero to go with the 36 black and red numbered pockets.

There is a wide range of betting options on the board, from the higher odd plays such as odd/even and red/black, to the Dozens bets which pays out at 3:1. You can also bet on a single number, group numbers, and more.

Once your bet is on the table, click Spin and watch as the ball bounces around the wheel until it comes to a rest. All wins will automatically be paid out and then you can decide if you want to keep your bets as they are, double them, or start over.

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Whether you have a strategy or just want to have a great time at the online casino, European Roulette is the way to go. In order to win real money you’ll need to open an account and make a deposit with our safe and secure payment methods. Once the payment has been processed you will also receive our exclusive Welcome Bonus, up to $/€5,000.

See for yourself why European Roulette is such a popular online casino game, and join Mansion Casino today!