A unique combination of online slots and poker, Video Poker is an exciting and popular casino game all around the globe, thanks to its uncomplicated rules, entertaining action, and big wins potential. Create the best possible poker hand to win, and benefit from extra online additions such as multi-line games, progressives and more. With 24/7 access and an incredible variety of options, you’ll soon discover why MansionCasino.com is one of the world’s leading Video Poker casinos online.

Our Top Video Poker Games Worldwide

Game NameDescription
Deuces Wild Multi-handPlay with all 2 cards acting as wilds, enabling more ways to win - available to play as single or multi-line games.
Mega JacksAn exciting game with a progressive jackpot up for grabs.
Jacks or BetterPayouts start from just a pair of Jacks.

Rules: How to Play Video Poker?

Read on to learn the basics that will help you to get started at the Video Poker machines:

  • Lines: You can choose from either single line or multi-line Video Poker games. Single-line means you play just 1 hand, while multi-line games mean 1 main hand dealt, which is the base for the remaining lines (though each additional line acts as a hand in its own right – so if you play 10 lines you can win 10 lines).  
  • Betting action: With single line or multi-line games, you make an ante bet and receive 5 face-up cards. Your goal is to make the best possible, highest scoring poker hand that you can. You have the option to Hold cards and discard the rest, then draw new cards to replace those discarded.  
  • Multi-Line Betting: When you play multi-line Video Poker, any cards you Hold are kept in position on each of your active lines. You will then receive fresh cards to replace those discarded, with each line using its own 52-card deck. If you Hold a winning hand – e.g. QQQ – you will be guaranteed that win (minimum) on each active line.
  • Wins: all potential wins and payouts are displayed on the game’s paytable, as rules may differ between variations, especially when it comes to the lowest possible winning hand.  When you win, you will be paid the amount that corresponds to your hand on the paytable for your chosen game.
  • Game Rules: All individual games have a rules section in the Help Menu so you can view instantly all the specific rules and payout info for your chosen game.  

Video Poker Odds and Payouts

It’s true that Video Poker games don’t need the same level of strategy or skill as regular poker games, but there are still some elements you can control that will help improve your odds of landing a win.

  • Start by learning the various winning hands and their hierarchy, as this will help you make decisions when you Hold your cards.
  • The size of the payout reflects the odds of winning a hand, and so the biggest payouts are awarded for a Royal Flush, while the lowest payouts are awarded for a single pair.
  • You can also improve your odds of winning via your game selection. For instance, Deuces Wild has the most favourable odds when it comes to House Edge, due to the inclusion of the 2 cards as wilds.

Scroll down to the Help section below to learn more about locating specific odds and payout information for each game.

Video Poker Basic Strategies and Tips

Starting with basic money management is always a good idea; only play at stakes that match your bankroll, and have a plan in place for your winnings. Then follow the plan you set out for yourself so that you only spend what you intended.

One of the most difficult decisions that Video Poker players face is knowing when to Hold a card or release it, in the hope of landing a better hand. This is where your knowledge of the poker hand hierarchies clearly comes into play. Your aim is to always try to build on any decent starting point you’ve been dealt, so the paytable is your starting point.

The paytable will reveal what your hands are worth and whether it is viable to aim for a bigger win. Do the cards you hold offer any reasonable chance of hitting a bigger payout? If not, stick with your lower paying hand and guarantee a small win. If so, it’s your call on how you want to act.  

But there is another element that is worth considering when you choose your game – the game type. For instance, did you realise that your number of active lines can also have a huge impact on the outcome of your game? As an example, your odds of winning in a single line game vs a multi-line game are much lower and so how you approach your game may require a different strategy as a result.

In a single line game, if you have even a low pair, it makes sense to Hold those cards and secure a payout. However, if you play multi-line Video Poker and have e.g. 25 lines active, you have more room for improvement and you may find it necessary to release a low paying hand in favour of a potentially bigger win. With multiple hands in play, you could opt to drop a card from a low-paying win (e.g. a low pair) in favour of securing a higher paying win (e.g. a straight or flush) that a pair would otherwise impede.

Hand TypeExample of CardsDescription
Royal FlushSuited A, K, Q, J, 10All 5 cards match in suit, running sequentially from 10 to Ace, for the biggest payout in Video Poker
Straight FlushSuited 5, 6, 7, 8, 9  All 5 cards match in suit and run in sequential order- can be any numbers, so long as they are sequential
Four of a KindK, K, K, K4 cards matching in value
Full HouseK, K, K, 10, 103 cards match in value, combined with a pair
FlushSuited A, 4, 10, J, 95 cards that match in suit
Straight4, 5, 6, 7, 85 cards in sequential order
Three of a KindA, A, A3 matching card values
Two Pair8, 8, 10, 102 sets of 2 matching card values
One Pair7, 72 matching card values
High CardKA single high card

Video Poker Bonuses and Promotions

If you’d like to boost your bankroll funds with a casino bonus, why not take a peek at our latest promotions to see if there’s an offer that suits you? We offer a variety of bonus types, and we change our offers frequently, to reflect our players’ needs and tastes. We have bonuses for new players as well as returning players, with specific bonuses for table game fans. You can view our casino bonuses page for more detailed information on our current promotions, free spins, and wagering requirements.

Video Poker Game Glossary

  • Action - this refers to the act of playing the game, whether for real money or in Practice Mode
  • Credit - This refers to the number of coins deposited into a traditional Video Poker machine – e.g. deposit the cost of 10 credits and choose a game costing 1 credit to enjoy 10 games before running out of credits.
  • Discard - the act of throwing away a card so it can be replaced by another card - the discarded cards are those that you don’t choose to Hold.
  • Draw - once you have held/discarded cards from your initial hand, you will receive another deal or ‘draw’
  • Hold - click the Hold button to keep a card in place and you have chosen to keep that card as part of your final hand.
  • Face card - this refers to any royal or picture card; Jack, Queen or King. These are the high value cards.
  • Ace-high - this is a hand that does not contain even a pair, but contains an Ace as its highest single value card.
  • House Edge - the mathematical edge or advantage held by the casino against the players. In Video Poker, Deuces Wild has the lowest house edge.
  • Max Bet - this is the biggest possible bet you can stake on one line. There is usually a Bet Max button on your Video Poker machine for your convenience, so you can make this bet in a single click.
  • Multi-line - these games offer multiple lines, where each line is a separate hand played with its own deck. But when you Hold cards on the main hand after the initial deal, these cards will be held across all hands.
  • Paytable - this table displays all possible win combinations and their corresponding payouts.
  • Pat hand - the special name given to when a player holds all 5 cards from the initial deal.
  • Payback - this is the return that any player can expect from a game over a period of time. Like the RTP on slots and other casino games, it is conveyed in percentage format - e.g. 98.6%.


Enjoy all the thrills and fun of Video Poker online, safe in the knowledge that you have an outstanding Customer Support team ready and willing to help you, as and when you need it, as well as comprehensive in-game assistance. In our online casino, there are two main ways to get support:

  • In-Game Help Menu: this is located inside the game and can be found by clicking on the ‘hamburger menu’ in the top left of your screen, then selecting ‘Help'. This section provides important and detailed information about your chosen game, such as betting options, betting limits, potential payouts and game odds/statistics.
  • Customer Support: whatever your needs, you’ll find our Customer Support team is professional, friendly, and ready to assist you with your questions and queries, 24/7. You can contact Customer Support for help by email, live chat and telephone.

Video Poker FAQ:

  1. Is online Video Poker legal? Regulations vary country to country, so you need to check the laws of the country that you live in for any restrictions on playing Video Poker. Where there are no restrictions, make sure you play at a reputable, regulated casino like MansionCasino.com.
  2. Can I use welcome bonuses to play Video Poker? This depends on the type of Welcome Bonus that you have claimed; check the terms and conditions of your particular bonus to see whether you can use it to wager on Video Poker games.
  3. How do you beat Video Poker machines? Our Video Poker machines have an industry standard 3rd party Random Number Generator (RNG) so they cannot be manipulated in any way - this ensures safe and secure gaming for all. However, you can make decisions that affect your game and your chances of winning – see the Basic Strategies and Tips section further up the page for more info.
  4. How to win Video Poker? To win at Video Poker, you simply need to make a winning hand. Match any hand shown on the paytable and you will win the corresponding payout.
  5. Can I play for free? There are Practice Mode versions of Video Poker that you can enjoy without making a deposit.
  6. Do I need a special software to play? You can play on Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhone without needing any special software; just log in to your account and you’re ready to play. We do offer a casino games app if you prefer to play mobile, which takes just seconds to download and offers fast and secure login and stable gaming on the move.
  7. Is Video Poker better than slots? This is a matter of personal preference – we offer a wide range of both so you can find a game that you like to play. Both slots and Video Poker offer variations including progressive jackpot games.
  8. Are Video Poker machines are rigged? Our games are strictly regulated and are subject to a 3rd party RNG for safe and secure gaming that cannot be manipulated in any way. All games have an RTP or Payback amount also displayed in their Help Menu for full transparency.

Play Video Poker for Real Money

Video Poker is an excellent choice of game for players all around the world who like straightforward rules, plus plenty of exciting variations, and lots of ways to win. With its wide variety of game types, 24/7 access, mobile gaming opportunities and many ways to win, MansionCasino.com is one of the best casinos worldwide to play your Video Poker games. Register an account today and log in to experience our excellent collection of games including blackjack, roulette and live casino options.