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An ancient-style game which attracts players with its multiple betting options and amazing payouts, roulette is an exciting casino games choice that you can play online – and it’s also one of our players’ top picks. Why is it so popular? Because it is easy to learn, offers plenty of exciting action, and has lots of ways to claim a payout – and with online technology ever expanding, you can now access more versions of the game and bigger jackpots than ever before!

And when you choose Mansion Casino as your No.1 casino online for roulette games, you get even more benefits with our exciting bonuses and VIP programmes, as well as live casino games and progressive jackpots. You can access your favourite roulette games around the clock, via casino app, flash software or downloaded software. Check out the rules and tips below and give our roulette games a whirl in Practice Mode for free before making a deposit, and we’re certain you’ll like what you experience. Our roulette games are second to none; good luck with spinning that wheel!

Roulette: from Past to Present

Did you know that the Roman army turned shields and the wheels of chariots into an early form of game for money? Gambling on wheels dates back from as early as that, but the roulette we know and love today didn’t start until much later. Its current form stems from an accumulation of years of playing wheel-based games, increased travel, and gambling regulations. The first game that looks anything like the version we play now was a game in Italy that used a round table with cups (40 in total) placed all around. People would bet on a cup and when a small ball was released, it would eventually roll into a cup to decide the outcome. This game of Hoca travelled with its players and eventually, French and American versions of roulette sprang up in the 1700s.

A more dynamic and purpose-built wheel was created, and this ‘Little Wheel’ was amended so that it couldn’t be cheated by making the wheel tilted. Then, as casinos became a worldwide phenomenon, mechanical games were introduced. But the biggest advancement was made when the internet arrived, creating the safest possible game with Random Number Generators, and making roulette games much more accessible for fans of the game who didn’t live near a casino. Games became available 24/7, and over time, bigger, better and more advanced roulette versions appeared on the online casino circuit.

Roulette Odds & Betting Information

Do you know the difference between betting odds and what is known as the ‘house edge’? Well just in case these terms are new, here’s what you need to know… the odds are how likely you are to hit a specific winning combination, so if the odds are 17 to 1, you have a 1 in 17 chance of winning with that outcome. The payout is how much money you receive when you win, and the ‘house edge’ is the gap between the two. If you have a lower house edge you have more chances to win.

The type of wheel you play on can affect your overall game and your chances of hitting a win. For example, the American roulette wheel adds an extra numbered slot – the double (00) zero – to the game, and so this means your edge and odds will be different. The American roulette wheel also has extra betting options.

One way of deciding how to choose what bets you want to play when you spin the roulette wheel is to consider the payouts for each; the higher the payout, the harder it is to hit. So, do you like games with low payouts but more chances to win, or do you prefer to play a bit wilder, choosing lower hitting bets but for a bigger return when your number comes in?

As an example, here are some payouts from our regular European roulette game:

  • Straight pays out at 35 to 1
  • Split pays out at 17 to 1
  • Street pays out at 11 to 1
  • Corner pays out at 8 to 1
  • Double street pays out at 5 to1
  • Dozen pays out at 2 to 1
  • Column pays out at 2 to 1 also
  • Red and Black each pay out at even money
  • Odd and Even each pay out at even money
  • High and Low each pay out at even money

Getting Started at the Roulette Table

Simple rules, multi-layered gaming; what more could you want from your online casino games experience? It’s really easy to play roulette but that doesn’t distract from the fun. You place bets on your screen by clicking on your chips until you have your wager set, and then click on the area of the betting table that matches the bets you wish to make. Bets can be across colours, several numbers, areas of the board or just a lone number; each has its own odds and payout and lasts for one single betting round. The roulette wheel spins, and you watch to see where the ball lands – if your number comes in, you’ve won! The main bets in play are as follows:

  • Straight: the highest-paying bet on a lone number – place your chip on the number you wish to back
  • Split: this wager is split between two numbers and you place your chip on the connecting line between both numbers you’ve chosen
  • Row: this wager covers three separate numbers that show in a single row on the roulette table and you put your chip at the row’s end to indicate your bet
  • Street: this wager is on two ‘rows’, so a total of six different numbers – if any one of them shows, this bet wins. Put your chip on the in-between line of the two selected rows to indicate your bet.
  • Corner or Square: your wager covers four different numbers, shaped like a square on the table.
  • Red / Black: you’re wagering on whether a black coloured or red coloured number will land
  • Odd / Even: you’re wagering on the type of number that lands
  • High / Low: A low bet covers all the numbers from 1 to 18 while the high bet covers all the numbers between 19 and 36
  • Dozen: As the name suggests, this wager is one a dozen numbers as displayed on the three sections of the board. You can bet on the first, second or third twelve.
  • Column: Your wager is on 12 numbers and your chip is put at the end of your chosen column to indicate your bet.

Our Most Popular Roulette Variations

Different games can mean different rules, different bets and different payouts, but don’t worry, each of our games boasts a comprehensive rules section so you can always know exactly what to expect before you start spinning. You may be new to roulette games, or just joining our online casino, and the choice can be overwhelming. So, here are some of our exciting roulette variations to help you get started choosing which game to play:

  • Penny Roulette starts at a penny for a spin, so it’s an ideal choice for low stakes players who also want to win proportionately generous payouts.
  • A common starting point for any player is European Roulette as it is the standard version that most people are familiar with, boasting payouts of 36 to 1 for a straight single number win.
  • Another alternative is American Roulette with its extra wheel slot: the double zero. It has an extra bet but follows the same basic rules as its European cousin.
  • French roulette has 37 slots on its wheel and extra bets via a racetrack that allows for more options for the player. Another feature of this game is that the markings are all in French, for an authentic feel.
  • A quick and easy game to learn, Mini Roulette displays numbers up to 12 only, with addition of a zero, for some pint-sized fun.
  • 3D Roulette can only be enjoyed in an online casino. Making the most of technology and software capabilities, there’s a 3D representation of the game and its wheel when you bet and spin.

Your Roulette Software in Action

Everyone needs to start somewhere, but knowing the layout of our game and what its buttons mean can help you make quicker decision and enjoy more fun while you play. Some buttons are obvious, such as ‘Spin’, but others may not be as familiar. For instance, hit Undo to cancel out your last action – e.g. placing a chip on the table. You can hit Clear Bets to remove all bets you’ve placed and start again, so long as you haven’t spun the wheel. Once a game has completed, a Rebet option will show; this enables you to repeat your previous bet or bets at the same stake. Placing bets is described above in the Getting Started at the Roulette Table; you put a chip in a specific spot to depict the bet you’re making. Now that you know these software buttons, you can play with confidence.

Common Roulette Terminology

We’ve collected some of the most popular terms and phrases used at any roulette game – whether in bricks and mortar casinos or online – to help you approach the table with confidence.

  • Call (Type of bet): these bets are only played during the French version of roulette.
  • Column (Type of bet): covering twelve numbers in a column.
  • Corner (Type of bet): covering four different numbers in a square shape.
  • Double (00) Zero: the extra numbered slot on American versions of roulette.
  • Dozen (Type of bet): a wager across twelve numbers; there are three sets of numbers to choose from.
  • Even Money: this refers to bets which pay out the same as your stake (1 to 1 payouts).
  • Five Number (Type of bet): only American games of roulette have this bet due to the extra double (00) zero.
  • High (Type of bet): your wager is on numbers between 19 and 36
  • Low (Type of bet): your wager is on numbers between 1 and 18
  • Inside Bet: the umbrella term given to bets that show on the inside of the betting table during your roulette game.
  • Outside Bet: the umbrella term given to bets that show on the outside of the betting table during your roulette game.
  • Progressive jackpot: an extra side bet where you can play for a giant jackpot that increases in size until claimed. Found across lots of different game types, this is the biggest paying online roulette game around.
  • Racetrack: a special area for extra bets during French roulette games.
  • Split (Type of bet) : a wage on a pair of numbers that sit adjacent on the betting table.
  • Straight (Type of bet) : a single number wager and the highest paying bet in any roulette game that does not have a progressive jackpot.

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