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Even the newest of online casino players recognise blackjack as a casino classic; played with multiple decks of cards, it’s a fast-action heads-up game played against the dealer. And when you to choose to play online, your blackjack experience gets extra exciting with multiple additions to rules and games variations available including 3D games, live dealer casino games and even progressive jackpot side bets that can reach into millions.

Online blackjack is available 24/7, and can be played on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops; it just depends on your preference. The casino with the fastest payouts online software is designed to suit whichever screen you play on, and every game, whether you’ve chosen free games in Practice Mode or games with cash payouts in Real Money Mode, boast the very latest in game design for the best possible fun around. There are a range of bonuses available at our Mansion Casino also, that can make your bankroll stretch further, such as our Welcome Bonus up to $/€5,000 for new players.

The Evolution of Blackjack

Played in France in the 1600s, blackjack had humble beginnings, starting off as entertainment in back streets and taverns. The original game name was “21”, and the player aimed to complete a hand that added up to 21 points in value. The Jack of Spades combined with an Ace of the same suit was the highest possible hand and as the game grew in popularity, the game name changed to the name of this hand: blackjack! All winning hands were paid equally until players in the US upped the blackjack payout to 3/2. Different variations sprung up around the world, and various elements were added such as multiple decks of cards in play, new rules, and set rules assigned to dealers.

Moving online, the blackjack phenomenon exploded, with games now available at more convenient times and prizes growing bigger. New variations appeared on the scene, such as games where the player can have multiple hands, progressive jackpot side bets, increased game speeds on demand, and games for multiple players. In addition, the mobile casino app made it possible for players to enjoy their favourite form of entertainment on the move via mobiles and tablets, for truly accessible gaming.

Blackjack Rules: Getting Started

One of the biggest draws of blackjack is that it has simple to grasp rules that make it easy to get started, but with enough extras added to make the experience varied and fun. Even if other people sit at the blackjack table with you, your game is a face-off with the dealer only; it’s his cards that affect your game, no-one else’s. So, you play to accrue a hand in value of 21 (or as close as you can get), that also beats the cards of the dealer. You get ten points for royal cards and an Ace can be valued at eleven points or just one, whichever works best for your hand. The numbered cards are valued at the same number they display.

Start your blackjack game with a bet and you will receive your two face-up cards. The dealer will also receive one face up card and a second that’s faced down; you play your betting round (Hit, Split, Stand, etc) and the dealer plays next. In online blackjack house rules, the dealer stands on 17 and has to take another card (Hit) with a card total of 16. The winning hand is decided when the two hands are compared.

If you bust, you lose right away; if your hands draw, you get your stake returned, and if you beat the dealer’s hand, you get paid. Insurance is another option and this is an extra bet that pays (at 2:1) you if the dealer lands blackjack; the clue’s in the name. Doubling down is another option and this requires a second, matching wager in return for another card. Splitting means you continue your game with two hands by splitting a pair – each hand requires a separate bet.

Blackjack Software Buttons

To get started, you need to find your way around our software. The buttons you need to know are:

Clear Bets – Remove the bets you’ve made (before the game begins) and start again.

Deal – Receive a card.

Double – Double your wager and get another card to decide your hand’s outcome.

Hit – Receive a card.

New Game – Start another game.

Rebet – Matching your wager from the previous game, you start another game (perfect for people who like to play to a routine).

Stand – Hit this button to indicate your hand is completed.

Undo – Delete the last action – eg; remove a chip.

Important Blackjack Terms

Knowing the terminology in use will improve your game and also help you decide your moves with confidence. After all, the whole point is to be entertained, and to enjoy the best possible online blackjack experience around. These are some of the words that you might need to know:

Blackjack – the top paying blackjack hand – valued at 21, the Jack of spades and Ace of spades combined.

Bust – when you go over the max hand value of 21 – you lose!

Double Down – only possible as a new game starts, this is an extra bet that matches your initial wager to double up your potential payout – you get another card (one only) to decide the fate of your hand.

Hit – get another card to try and improve your hand.

Hole Card – a card that is face down when dealt.

Insurance – possible when a dealer shows an Ace when the game starts. It will award you a payout when your dealer lands the top hand (Blackjack).

Split – got a pair when the game starts? Then you can separate them into two different hands that are played separately for an extra, matching bet.

Stand – this signals that you’re happy with your hand and don’t want any more cards. It’s now the turn of the next player or the dealer.

Surrender - For 50% of your original bet, you can fold your hand when the game starts.

Play Real Money Blackjack Games

You need an active online casino account and a bankroll that’s funded to play online blackjack games for the chance to win real money. And the good news is, it takes just moments to get set up and start playing:

  1. Fill out the online registration form to create an account; details you need to provide include name, date of birth, contact information, currency, address, username and password. You must also read and agree to our T&Cs.
  2. In the Cashier, choose from the many deposit options to add funds to your bankroll; there are e-wallets, bank transfers, cards and online transfers all available. Select the one that is most convenient for you and state how much you wish to deposit.
  3. Decide whether you would like to opt for an exclusive Welcome Bonus offer up to $/€5,000 for extra bankroll.
  4. Hit the lobby and select your preferred version of blackjack online to start playing to win real money right away.