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Some numbers are just considered lucky while others are known for bad luck to just follow them around. Ever notice how many buildings don’t have a floor in between 12 and 14?

Seven is one of those lucky numbers, maybe it’s because it is the number of days in a week or because some ancient mystic proclaimed it so. Whatever the case, when you play at the online casino getting a 7 is usually a good thing. In online craps it will depend on when you roll a seven and how you bet. But in an online slot game it’s a good number and in the Crazy 7 online slot game, it’s a great number.

Play Crazy 7 Slots Online

Crazy 7 is the perfect classic online slot game. There are three reels and just one payline and really just one symbol, if you guessed it was the number 7, you are 100% correct.

How Many 7’s Can You Get in Crazy 7 Online Slot Game at

To be fair, there are three different 7 symbols  a red, green, and blue one, with the red serving as the highest paying symbol on the board. If you can manage to get three red 7’s you’ll have a chance winning 400 coins. Three green 7’s will earn you 150 coins while three red 7’s will net you a grand total of 75 coins. There is also the possibility of mixing the three colours up which will payout 15 coins. This can be two of one colour and one of the third, or three different colours, it really does not matter.

To get started playing, download the online casino software and open Crazy 7 from the online slot game section. You can choose which size coin to play, and use up to three on a single bet. The paytable is located on the gameboard, so you’ll be able to see the different payout possibilities if you choose to bet with one, two, or three coins.

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With no bonus features, fun animations, or exciting extras the only reason to play Crazy 7 is if you want try and win real money. You do have the option of playing in Practice Mode, but after a few spins you’ll probably want to switch over and play for keeps. In order to activate Real Money Mode you will need to open an account at the online casino and make a deposit. You will receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $/€5,000 that can be used when spinning the Crazy 7 reels, so there is no real risk for you to try it out.

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