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If you are a fan of roulette then you have come to the right place! At we are proud to offer one of the greatest selections of roulette that you can find online. If that wasn’t enough, we also provide an in-depth history of the game, along with detailed roulette rules and a how to play section. All of these pages have been created to ensure it is as easy as possible for both new and experienced players to get their spinning started at

Roulette Games to Play

American - This popular version adds in a little something extra to raise the stakes… Instead of 37 slots on the wheel, the American style has 38. What’s the difference? Quite simply, there is an extra double zero (00) space, which gives the house more of an edge. This roulette game is perfect for those players who want an extra challenge.

European - This is the classic, instantly recognisable version of roulette. Way back in the 18th century, when Dr. Blaise Pascal first invented the roulette wheel, it was the European style of the game that emerged. Today, many gamblers prefer this because it has the most authenticity and is considered a casino classic.

French - European and French roulette are actually the same games. For reasons unbeknownst to any of us, these two duplicate games choose to go by different labels despite the fact that, other than a few tiny differences, they appear to be identical.

3D - This unique version is something that really pushes the boundaries of online roulette. The addition of three-dimensional graphics and effects makes playing this game a unique and realistic experience. Add to that the intense sound clips and the other amazing features, and you’ve got yourself a prime candidate for a new favourite type of online roulette!

Live - Possibly the most thrilling addition to this collection, the live dealer games add an entirely new element of excitement that has proved incredibly popular amongst our seasoned players. It uses a live feed to stream a partner casino with live dealers straight to your computer. This means you can bet and play in real time, interact with the dealers and see the results played out in a physical casino. What could be more realistic than that!

Mini - Mini Roulette offers a totally new spin on the classic Roulette. Explained simply, it takes the standard wheel and reduces the size, making placing bets simpler and gameplay faster.

Premium - Filled with advanced extra features, our exciting Premium Roulette ups the gaming experience a notch. If you want to experience the ultimate game of roulette, this one is for you.

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