Play Spin a Win Arcade Online at

Already a fan of online roulette and fancy trying something just as exciting but a little different? Then spin to try and win big payouts and claim your online casino Welcome Bonus worth up to $/€5000 when you hit the real online arcade games at today. Spin a Win is a furiously fast and fun game that, as the name suggests, has a numbered spinning wheel at its heart, as well as many betting options and lot of ways to bag a payout. Easy to understand, great fun to play and with big cash payouts waiting to be claimed, it’s a top notch casino online games option for players new and experienced, playing both low and high stakes. How will you play today?

The Basic Rules of Spin a Win

The colourful wheel may be at the heart of the game like online roulette, and the same principle at its core, but this game offers quite a few differences and so you need to start by knowing your wheel sections and colours to be able to place your bets. The colours each have a significant role to play in-game, so keep your eye out as the wheel spins to see whether you’ve won a payout! The coloured areas on the wheel have numbers showing on them, ranging from 1 to 7 (red), 8 to 13 (green), 14 to 18 (blue) and 19 to 22 (yellow). There are only two numbers in the orange section (23, 24) which act as the biggest paying numbers in action.

Spin a Win Betting Options

The betting table is clearly marked and it’s here that you place your Spin a Win bets. Your amount wagered can be declared by clicking on the casino chips you can see on your screen; you can increase and decrease by one chip at a time or you can Clear All and start betting from scratch if you make a mistake. No bets are taken from your bankroll until you hit Spin. Make wagers on single numbers, or odds and evens, for the chance to win real money if your number comes up. You can also place your bets on the various available colours and each single colour has its own odds and payouts. You can also mix your colours for a personalised betting combination – this is a popular choice with players because many of the bigger wins occur when you place multiple colour combinations and win.