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If there is one thing lacking in the online casino experience it’s the feeling of camaraderie as you play with other punters. Multiplayer European Roulette attempts to fix that by allowing for multiple players to login to same game and place wagers at the same time.

This online roulette game is only available in Real Money Mode, so you’ll need to open an account at Mansion Casino in order to get started.

How to Play Multiplayer European Roulette at

The best way to play Multiplayer European Roulette is to download our internet casino software. You can choose to either join a game in progress or sit at your table and wait for friends to join you. Of course, you can pay this online roulette game alone, but then it would just be European Roulette.

The rules and betting options for Multiplayer European Roulette are the same as classic European Roulette. This means you have numbers 1-36 with a single 0 on the wheel. You can place your bets by clicking in your chips and then place it wherever you’d like on the table.

Some of the unique features of Multiplayer European Roulette are mostly visual. You can adjust the camera angle or zoom in on the ball as it makes its way around the wheel. There is also a chat box which allows for players to talk to each other while playing this classic online casino game.

There is a box on the top right side of the screen which tracks the previous 10 spins. This gives you a chance to see which numbers/colours have been coming up winners and help you plan your next bet.

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Join a game of Multiplayer European Roulette today and you can be our next big winner. Since this online casino game is only available in Real Money Mode you’ll need to open an account and make a deposit. Once your funds have been processed you will receive a Welcome Bonus up to $/€5,000.

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