Play Premium American Roulette Online at

Why just settle for a regular game of American Roulette when you can enjoy Premium American Roulette at Premium American Roulette is played on an American Roulette wheel, which means that there are two “0” pockets on the wheel. This extra zero increases the house odds from 2.7 in European Roulette to a slightly larger 5.26%.

How to Play Premium American Roulette at

The rules of Premium American Roulette are the same as a standard online roulette game. To get started you’ll have to open an account and make a deposit since this game is for real money players only.

Next you can either download the internet casino software or log in to our Instant Casino through the website.

To place a bet, just click on the chips you wish to bet with and place them on the betting table. All the online roulette bets are available and you can see a complete listing with their respective payouts by clicking on the “Details” button.

What Makes Premium American Roulette Special

There are several features that separate Premium American Roulette from the other online roulette games. This game is highly customisable. You can change the colour of the betting table from the traditional green to either red or blue. There are also 4 different angles that you can select to watch as the ball spins around the table.

From a gambling perspective, with Premium American Roulette you can save your four favourite bets and reuse them without having to click around or remember what they were. You can also click on the graph located on the bottom right of the screen and see a statistical breakdown and history of the previous 15 spins. Lastly, there is a double bet option, that allows you to keep all your bets on the table and just double them up, this is important if you choose to play with a strategy that incorporates doubling the bet after a loss.

Start playing Premium American Roulette today and collect a Welcome Bonus of up to $/€5,000 that can be used when playing your favourite online casino games.