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Join today and play the exclusive Premium European Roulette game for real money. Imagine if you take the most popular online roulette game and add a bunch of customisable options and added features. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well that’s what you’ll get when you play Premium European Roulette at the casino online.

How to Play Premium European Roulette at

The rules and betting options for Premium European Roulette are the same as regular European Roulette. This means that the roulette wheel features 37 pockets, 36 red and black numbers and a single green zero.

You’ll have a complete selection of betting options to choose from. Just select the chips you want to bet with and find a spot on the betting table to place them. Some of the more popular bets and their payouts are: single number (36/1), Split (18/1), Column Bet (3/1), and Red or Black (3/1). You can click on the Details box on the top of the screen for a complete list of betting options.

There are a lot of customisable features in Premium European Roulette. If you don’t like the green colour of the betting table just click on the paintbrush icon until you find your lucky colour. The camera angles can also be changed, giving you a different perspective on the action.

Perhaps the most important features, at least when it comes to the betting part of the game, is the statistical and historical information you have at your fingertips. Just click on the graph on the screen and see which numbers are hot or cold, or possibly what number or colour is due to hit soon.

Play Premium European Roulette for Real Money at

Premium European Roulette is only available in Real Money Mode, so you if want to play you’ll need to open an account today. In addition to access to your favourite online casino games you will also receive a Welcome Bonus of up to $/€5,000 when you make your first deposit. For the best experience, we recommend you download the internet casino software to play Premium European Roulette. The other option is to play on the web based Instant Casino.

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