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Welcome! Settle in, get comfortable, and make sure that no one is listening in, because we’re about to share a huge secret with you. It’s a secret that our amazing fans have known for a while, but which the traditional casinos do not want you to find out about. We’re sure you’re curious, so we’re not going to beat around the bush any longer – the secret is this: You do not need to visit a traditional casino to get the excitement of playing against a live dealer. It’s true: while many of the first wave of games used to be about you facing the computer, there’s now a live dealer casino experience which you can have right in your own home. And these live casino games are here on this very site, so you can start sharing in the secret right away!

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We know that most people who play our games appreciate a proper gameplay challenge, and we know that many of them are looking for the real deal: or we should say, the ‘real dealer’! And that’s what we’ve got right here at Mansion Casino – real dealers running a full live casino where you can take part in the best live casino games. And they’re looking to play with aficionados of all the casino classics: we’ve got live Blackjack for players who really know their cards. We’ve got live Baccarat, for the card players who want to take their South African online casino experience to the next level of glamour. Or for those who prefer tables to cards, we’ve got you covered as well; you can jump into a game of Roulette or Sic Bo.

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That’s the real advantage of choosing to play online with us at Mansion Casino – you can play whenever, wherever, and however you want. There’s no waiting to take your seat at the table when you start a game here; you can play full games of your card or table favourites right away. With so many opportunities to play and so many games available, it won’t be long before the secret is out there and everyone knows about it! So this is your chance to join the exclusive club early – don’t miss out, come and play our online casino games today!

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