Live Dealer Roulette combines the convenience of playing at the casino online with the excitement of real time betting action. Choose from 15 different live roulette rooms and watch as the croupier drops the pill on the wheel.

With high-quality streaming video from multiple angles, you’ll never be closer to the action. Place your favourite bets, chat with the dealer, and then just watch as the pill spins around the wheel.

However, these games are only available for real money punters.

Main Features

  • Number of Live Dealer Roulette Games Available: 15
  • Platform: Playtech
  • Min-Max Bet Limits: ZAR5-ZAR50,000.
  • Watching Mode: Yes, you can enter a room without placing a bet.

Available Live Roulette Games

Before you can play or watch live roulette games you will need to register your account make a deposit. Click on any of the games below to get started.

The table below highlights the 15 unique live roulette games available at MansionCasino. Games in the Roulette lounge, Slingshot Roulette, and Speed Roulette have the smallest minimum bet at 5p per spin. The maximum bet on all games is ZAR50,000, with such a wide betting range there is something for all players, regardless of the size of their bankroll.

Live Roulette Game NameBet Limits (Min-Max)RTP %Description
Spread Bet RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00093.06% - 96.5%With an inner and outer wheel you can make unique spread bets that have a maximum payout of 400:1
Age of the Gods RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3%Try and win one of four progressive jackpots in this game. A percentage of every bet is placed in the growing jackpot.
UK RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3%With a UK dealer, you’ll hear a local accent, and the ability to chat about UK sports, politics and more.
Prestige RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3%Head to the VIP room at the Riga casino and enjoy additional camera angles during the game.
Roulette Lounge French LiveZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3% - 98.65%You don’t need to know French to enjoy this game, but pay attention as some of the bets have a French name such as Orphelins a Cheval, Jeu 0, and Voisins du Zero. The La Partage Rule is also in effect in this live roulette room.
Diamond French RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3% - 98.65%This French Roulette game has a diamond bets that can result in big payouts.
American Roulette Live (New)ZAR10-ZAR50,00094.74%In this room you will find the American roulette wheel, which features two “0” pockets.
Football RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3%Combine your love of football with roulette and hear all the real time updates about the latest games.
Soiree RouletteZAR50-ZAR50,00097.3%The Soiree room is has an upscale design, to give off the impression of a private VIP room. It does have a higher than average ZAR50 minimum bet
Sapphire Room RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3%The Sapphire room gives you a widescreen of the roulette wheel and betting table, enhancing the feeling of actually being there.
Pearl RouletteZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3%If you need a few extra seconds to place your bets then the Pearl Roulette room is the place for you.
Slingshot RouletteZAR5-ZAR50,00097.3%There is no croupier in this live game, instead you can watch as the unmanned machine goes into action, spinning with a real pill.
Prime SlingshotZAR10-ZAR50,00097.3%While there is no dealer, this is still considered a Live Casino game because it’s streamed live, and doesn’t use an RNG to determine the outcome.
Roulette LoungeZAR5-ZAR50,00097.3%The Roulette lounge has multiple tables t sit at, and a minimum bet of just 50p per game.
Speed RouletteZAR5-ZAR50,00097.3%Pick up the pace of play as you only have 10 seconds to place your bet before the game begins.

Why Live Dealer

No matter how sophisticated and regulated the algorithm is that runs the online blackjack games, at the end of the day, the result is predetermined by a computer. The live roulette games remove any doubts or questions of “fair play” since the action is live and can be seen in real time.

The games are easy enough to play, even if you’ve never made a roulette before. There is no need to download any software or go out and purchase a webcam. As long as you have a stable internet connection you’ll be set.

The one major difference with the live roulette games is the betting timer. In order to keep up the pace of play for all players you will have to get your bets in before the timer reaches “0”.


The basic rules for roulette apply to all 15 games. Place a bet on either a number, range of numbers, or colour and then roulette pill is dropped onto a spinning wheel. If the pill lands in a numbered pocket that you bet on, you will receive a payout with adjusted odds based on the bet.

Once you choose to join a roulette table from the live casino lobby you will be placed at the wheel. If a game is already in progress you will have to wait until it’s over before you can place your first bet.

To place your bet, click on the chip that you want to bet with, and then place it on the betting table. You can place multiple bets for each spin, as long you as don’t go over the maximum bet. Just make sure that you get all your bets in before the countdown timer expires and the dealer gets the ball rolling.

Each live roulette variant has unique twists, and you can get all the details from the in-game help menu or by asking the dealer. To access the help menu, click on the Hamburger menu button and then select the “Rules” link.

The Live Roulette Wheel and Numbers

Most of the games feature a European Roulette wheel. This means that there are 36 red and black numbers and just a single “0”. This gives punters close to a 50/50 chance with bets like red/black or odds/evens. The American Roulette game features a wheel with a two “0” pockets. This increases the house edge when it comes to 50.50 bets. The final wheel that you’ll find is in the French Roulette games, which use the standard European roulette wheel, but the betting options are in French.

Live Roulette Odds and Payouts

Every roulette bet has different odds and you can see a complete breakdown for each game when clicking on menu button. Some of the more popular odds are 1:1 for bets like red or black and odds or evens. There are 3:1 bets, when you bet on an entire row of numbers, a group of 9 numbers. The biggest payout comes when you bet on a single number, with 36:1 payout.

For more information on how to find the odds and payouts for each game, please refer to the Help section below.

Top 3 Strategies and Betting Systems

For years casino players have been trying to find the perfect strategy to beat the house while playing roulette. With several bets having nearly even odds, there is the feeling that if you make smart bets and know when to raise or lower your bet, you can devise the perfect betting strategy.

The three most popular betting strategies for European Roulette are:

  1. Martingale: Place a bet on one of the even money bets and double that bet after any loss. The logic behind this system is that with nearly 50% chance at winning, you will win your money back following a losing spin or two.
  2. Paroli: This differs from the Martingale because instead of doubling up after a loss you double up after a win. This has the same basic idea of Martingale, but playing with house money when you double the winning bet.
  3. D’Alembert: Following the similar strategy behind Martingale and Paroli, this is a low-risk/low-reward option. It requires you to slightly increase your bets after losses and decrease after wins.

Software (Playtech’s Live Roulette Platform)

Together with Playtech’s Eurolive platform, Mansion Casino has built the best live casino for UK punters. The live games take place in the world’s largest Live Casino, located in Riga, Latvia. Throughout the casino are streaming camera that will instantly bring the action right to your home or mobile device. You can find all the popular casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, Casino Hold’em and of course, Roulette.

In addition to classics, you can also try and win real money with other table games like Hi-Lo, Spin a Win, and 3 Card Brag.

MansionCasino has several games that Playtech developed just for the live roulette players:

  • Spread Bet Roulette: In addition to the regular roulette wheel, you will also see a computerized secondary wheel. This wheel will allow you to make additional bets, with payouts as high as 400:1. This golden wheel has two sets of spinning wheels and when they sync up it will create a number spread that can be bet on. This gives you a chance at winning multile bets with a single spin.
  • Age of the Gods Roulette: This progressive jackpot roulette game is part of the popular Age of the Gods slot game series. A small percentage of each bet goes to fund the jackpot, and it can randomly payout when the roulette pill lands in any pocket.

Playtech has an industry leading uptime for their cameras and severs which provide punters with a reliable platform to gamble through.

Mobile Experience

All Live Roulette games can be played Android and iOS devices. It’s easy to connect and there is no additional software to install on your device. All you need is a stable internet connection, wifi, 3G or 4G should be enough for you to enjoy a high-quality stream. You can play while holding your phone in landscape or portrait modes, but the games must be played in full-screen.

All the crucial details will be visible on your screen. Before the game begins, the betting table will dominate the screen. But once the game begins you will be able to watch as that ball goes around the wheel.

All of the buttons are designed to be easy to touch on a smaller screen. You can click on the racetrack icon on the screen to get back to the main betting table. work well on small touch screens, and you can access the racetrack betting table by simply clicking on the icons on the bottom of the screen.


Playing live dealer roulette provides an unbeatable experience for online casino players. However, for some players it can seem a bit overwhelming at first.

The biggest difference between online and live roulette is the pace of the game. The countdown timer can stress out some players as they try and get all the correct bets in on time. The adjustment period shouldn’t take too long to adjust.

However, if you find that you need some help, Mansion Casino has several ways to offer assistance.

  • In-Game Help Menu: Click on the “Hamburger” menu button to open up an in-depth help section.

There you will see the rules, betting flow, betting history paytable, and betting options.

  • Customer Support: If you have a technical question or trouble with your account the Mansion Casino support staff is available to help 24.7. They can be reached by telephone, live chat, or email and will be able to help you out in just about every situation

If your question is related to the specific game you’re playing, there is the option to talk with your live dealer. They are knowledgeable about the game they are working and will be able to give you an immediate answer.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are a great way to get some extra money that can be used in live dealer games. There are several different kinds of bonuses, including Welcome Bonus, Reload Bonus, Golden Chip loyalty points, and more. At times you can even find a Live Casino specific promotion.

Head over the dedicated casino bonus page for all the latest promotions and for an explanation of the wager requirements for each bonus offer.

Additional Live Dealer Games

There is more to the Live Dealer casino than just fifteen roulette games. In total there are more than 50 games to choose from, including blackjack, baccarat, and more. You can see the complete list of live games by in the Mansion Casino live casino lobby.

Play Live Roulette for Real Money

You can’t find a better way to combine the convenience of the online casino with the live action of a casino then through the live casino. With 15 variants to choose from and a wide betting range, there is something for everyone.

Live Roulette is only available for real money players, so register your account and start playing today.