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Have you heard about the latest innovation in advanced gaming technology? The live casino is literally giving the computer-based community everything they could possibly want from an entertainment platform and maybe even a little extra. Since this is still being enjoyed on an online casino, you get each and every expediency that comes along with that remote access style arena including the no expenses, the comforts of your own space and your own stuff and a wider reach and variety than you could get at a land based model. With this version though you get even more. What else could there possibly be already? Well with games like live blackjack, you enjoy the computer perks AND you get the excitement of a reality game at the same time! That's the beauty of this fabulous system. Live roulette games are played at real tables with actual cards, dealers and other players. With even just the smallest iota of imagination, you can truly feel like you are right there, in the middle of all the action that you crave, without all the aggravation that it takes to actually get there!

Play Live Roulette Online

Live Roulette Explained

Like our live baccarat or other real time options, live roulette is easy to play, especially if you have already had the pleasure of drinking in one of our fabulous computerized version! Just in case you are a little rusty, though, will run through the basics.

  • Put down your bets. This is the only part of the live roulette experience that you have to think about. Do you want to go with a safe bet like blacks or reds? This one gives you a nice fifty-fifty odds to work with, so you are guaranteed to win half the time! Odds and evens also work this way, and if you are into the dependable route, this is your best path to follow. There are other bets you can opt for that will steer you on a more uncertain road. If you venture down these ways, your earnings will increase exponentially if you win. It’s the standard risk versus payout question that arises whenever gambling, and the answer lies in your personality not in a book. Of course, you can always throw your fate to the wind, put down a random wager, and see what happens. This is sometimes the most fun of all, especially if you just use a small bet for the fun of it!
  • After you’ve done that, whichever way you’ve wandered, it’s time to watch the magic. The wheel goes round, the ball revolves and stops in one pocket only. Is it yours? Did you win? Only one way to find out! Play today!

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There is no time to lose. You need to log into best SA online casino MansionCasino today, and start living large with all of our stupendous games that are happening right now. Also check out our other varieties like live casino holdem for an action-packed adventure every time you sign in. After all, is there any point in putting off thrills, excitement, and the chance for raking in tons of dough? Get into our live roulette games now, and love the whole new experience even more!