Play Crazy 7 Slots Online at MansionCasino South Africa

Do you want to start playing slots games but not sure where to begin? With so many phrases like “multi line,” “multi reel,” and “progressive” floating around, it can be quite confusing. But if you are a newbie looking to spin a single reel machine in hopes for big wins, then you should definitely try Crazy 7. You’d be crazy not to! With its old school Vegas style and charm, you will instantly be drawn to this single reel variety like no other!

Play Crazy 7 Slots Online

All About Crazy 7

Crazy 7 plays like the single reels you find in brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. It has a simple premise – you place your bet, hit “Spin” (or “Max Bet” which will automatically spin the reels), and watch as the reels go. Eventually they slow down and you need the symbol to appear along the red line that is horizontal along the reels.

As the name of the single reel suggest, the only symbol is the number seven. The goal is to get three sevens along the red line. They come in blue, red, and green. Three of one color nets you a decent payout. But you also get a payout if you get three of any color seven along the line. Do not be surprised if you find yourself playing for hours, addicted to getting sevens across the red line! It is kind of addicting! And the good thing about playing from your home computer is that there is no one impatiently waiting to take the machine from you! Not only that, but if you need to stop playing for whatever reason, you can always come back later and play again. Because it resides in cyberspace, there will always be a machine available for you to play! So whether you are on lunch break at work, cannot sleep at night, or you have a bit of downtime before the kids come home from school, open up your computer and press “Spin” until your heart contents.

Come Play Crazy 7 at Mansion Casino

Worried about spending money on a brand new single reel when you have never played before? Do not worry, Mansion, the top best online casino in South Africa MansionCasino provides a unique option to play all your favorites as free slots! That’s right; you can play Crazy 7 and more for no money down and nothing to spend. It gives you all the time you need to get to know the assortment and fully understand it by reading over the rules, checking out the paytable, and reading up on odds and strategy. Once you feel more comfortable, you can easily switch on over to the pay mode and start betting with real money! It is completely up to you! The goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible so you will not only continue to come back to our club but you will also one day spend a bit of your Rainy Day Fund. Who knows, you may even double it, triple it, or even quadruple it!