Play Pharaoh’s Secrets Slots Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

If you are a history buff, then you know that the times of the ancient Egyptian kings were a fascinating period of history rich in detail and depths to explore. The pyramids still hold many dark mysteries that archeologists and historians alike are discovering all the time. You can also get into the cryptic of Egyptian kinghood and afterlife in the Pharaoh’s Secrets, an exciting option at our brilliant South African casino online! With lots of bonuses, some shady images.

Play Pharaoh's Secret Slots Online

The Pharaoh’s Secrets is a standard five reel, twenty payline variety with a few bonus rounds that are particularly exciting especially for the card players out there. Let’s take a look at some of the more unusual options that you can enjoy with these slots online!

Pharaoh’s Secrets – Xtra Win Feature

The first of many less than standard aspects is the Xtra win feature. Some versions in our stock have a dollar ball option; others have a progressive jackpot. This variant has the Xtra win feature, and it is as exciting as the rest! This feature will give you, as the name implies, extra winnings for you to take home and enjoy. Here are a few things to note about this element:

  • You must choose the maximum bet function in order to be eligible for this feature.
  • When the feature is activated, you total bet is increased by half of the total original wager made for that round.
  • The total earnings of the round are calculated according to the new total bets that are created with the activation of this feature. This includes all wins from line wins to scatter wins and more.
  • One of the most exciting aspects of the Xtra win feature is that the wild symbol changes roles when it is activated. Instead of being a simple wild symbol that can stand in for any other icon on the board, the wild is what we call an expanding wild card.
  • If at any time you decide you aren’t interested in the Xtra win feature any more, you can simply turn it off from the control button at the top of the screen. The same goes for activating the feature.

Pharaoh’s Secrets – Gamble Round

The Pharaoh’s Secrets also has a gamble round. What’s the gamble round about? It is a traditional card style variety in which cards are dealt, and outcomes need to be surmised. Five cards are put out on the screen. The dealer’s card is revealed, and you have the remaining cards to choose from. Your goal is to pick a card that is of a higher value than the dealer’s card. Just as in many of card varieties, in this round you can choose to double your earnings by betting the entire sum on this round. You can also choose to use only half of the round’s earnings, in which case you will earn less if you guess right, but you will also only lose half of the amount you won if you guess wrong. Finally, you can opt out of the round altogether. You can choose to just collect your winnings and go back to the regular screen for another exciting round.

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