Play Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino South Africa

Online Jacks or Better is a variation on the classic poker challenge five-card draw. It is also very first video poker version ever created. Those players looking to enjoy remote access gambling will really like online Jacks or Better. It is considered to be one of the most popular video poker styles available because it provides hours of fun and it is not so hard to master once you know the rules of the sport as well as tips and strategy plans to help out.

Play Jacks or Better Video Poker Online

All About Online Jacks or Better

The notion behind online Jacks or Better is quite simple – a pair of the named cards will win the round! Keep in mind this means a pair of number cards (such as a pair of fours or a pair of sevens are not winning combinations and will, therefore, not provide a winning payout). A pair of low royal cards is the lowest paying winning combination in the round and the royal flush is the highest paying winning combination (as with all poker variations). If you get a hand with a pair of something lower than this, you should immediately discard it for different cards. However, if you have two pairs of low cards in one hand, you should keep those because that hand is a two pair, which IS higher ranking than a pair of low royals!

Never hesitate to discard all your cards for new ones when playing this classic video poker option. If you do not see a hand with any of the initial cards you have, ask for all to be re-dealt to you. Do not hold onto a single high card because there is no guarantee that it will be useful when you are dealt a second set of cards.

Unlike some other video poker types, like Deuces Wild, there are no wild cards in this one. Each card should be taken as face value.

Play Online Jacks or Better

Like most video poker slots, the odds of online Jacks or Better is on the side of the player and not the house. For instance, the odds of getting one pair of low royal or better as well as a two pair is 2:1. The odds of getting a three of a kind are 3:1 and the odds of a straight are 5:1. However, there is a drastic difference between a straight flush, where the odds are 50:1 and a royal flush, where the odds are 800:1. It all depends on the deal of the cards. And remember, the deck is reshuffled every time, so the odds never increase with each additional hand but stay exactly the same, giving you ample opportunities to create a winning hand every single time!

It is so easy to play online Jacks or Better at an trusted online casino South Africa. You can play this, a host of other video poker options, as well as loads of fun online casino games. Take some time and have fun. Remember, you have got to play to win and with a variety of opportunities to win, so what are you waiting for?!