Video Poker Online Casino Game

Video Poker have rich history, this game has been around since the middle of the 1970’s (when personal computers started to hit the scene), those versions would be considered EXTREMELY basic compared to what is on offer today. As the years passed and the games progressed, it became a popular option even in brick and mortar based gambling establishments. Whereas some people might be too intimidated to compete with more veteran players at the card table, the machines offered a more anonymous way of participating and allowed many the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the game without the anxiety tied into the table and other players.

How to Play Video Poker

One concern that people had over the years when playing Video Poker was that since it was computer based, they could be easily taken advantage of with regards to card sequences and random card drawing. For that reason, the machines are now tested and checked to ensure they comply with regulatory standards in accordance with regulations imposed on the entire industry. Heck, it’s no fun gambling if you can’t win, right?

So how exactly do these machines work? Well, when it comes to the online casino version, the first thing you need to do is set the value of the coins or credits you’ll be betting. Many casino games offer a vast range from single pennies and up to 100 times that amount. That means that whether you start out in our free play mode where there’s no chance you’ll lose a cent of your own bankroll or whether you start out just betting pennies, you have a chance to really learn the fine points of the game before you have to worry about your finances. Then, once you’ve set the value of the credits, you have to choose how many of them you’d like to bet (anywhere from one to five) and make sure to review the paytable because that’s how you’ll know which hands are worth going for over others and how much you stand to win based on the amount you’ve bet. At this point – you are now ready to deal the cards OR you can read the video poker rules .

Video Poker Tips For The Win

When it comes down to it, many will say that cards are a game entirely based on chance and the odds of winning are equal to the odds of losing. The many poker championships and people who base their livelihood on high stakes poker games will probably choose to differ. For starters, the very obvious instruction would be to always hold cards that contribute to a winning hand. Meaning, if you have a straight, a royal flush or even two or three of a kind or two pairs, hold on to whatever cards may be worth something. You can toss the one to three cards left for a chance at something better, but never get rid of a sure thing. The only time it is ever suggested to throw a card out from a hand holding a flush or a straight, though, is if you have four cards towards a royal flush and are feeling particularly lucky. These basic tips and some others like it will contribute to you mastering the art of leaving the table ahead of the game but when it comes down to it, it’s really all about the law of large numbers (i.e. the more you play, the more you can win) – so tell us, what exactly are you waiting for…?