Play American Blackjack Online at Mansion Casino UK

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Whether you’re completely new to internet casino games or you’re an experienced player, American Blackjack at Mansion Casino UK provides you with an exciting option to enjoy a premium online Blackjack game experience with lots of payouts, fast action, and 24-hour accessibility. A great choice for all kinds of player, games can be played for free – no deposit required – or for real money payouts, making American Blackjack suitable for all kinds of pocket. A fast-paced heads up card game played against the dealer, your aim is to beat the dealer by making the best possible hand as close to 21 as you can without going bust. Choose from flash or download software – both offer superior connectivity and amazing graphics and animations that enhance your overall online casino experience. And when you sign up and play American Blackjack at Mansion Casino UK for real money today, you can increase your bankroll before you even hit the tables with our exclusive Welcome Bonus up to £200.

American Blackjack: How to Play

Start your game by selecting the American Blackjack option from our long list of exciting online Blackjack games to be taken to the felt. Choose your chip value and place your bets, then click on the Deal button. The dealer will receive one card face up and another card face down; you will receive two cards also. You can choose to Fold or Hit (receive another card) to make the best possible hand. Your aim is to try and beat the dealer’s hand by making a hand total of 21, or as close to 21 as you can, without letting your hand go bust. All face cards in this game have a value of 10 and Aces can be valued as worth 1 or 11 points, depending on your preference when you see your hand. If your hand is the best at the end of the round, you win, with your payout paid automatically by our software. If your hand matches the dealer’s in value, it is a push or draw and your stake is returned.

American Blackjack Special features, Payouts & Bonuses

Special American Blackjack features include being able to Double after Splitting, and if the dealer shows an Ace in his first two cards, the ‘peek for Blackjack’ rule kicks in. Only one card can be drawn if you Split Aces during any American Blackjack game. When you land an Ace and a ten-point card in your initial deal, you have Blackjack for a 3:2 payout. Insurance in this game pays out at 2:1 and all other winning bets are paid out at even money. There is also a special hand in play, called a Ten Card Charlie: make a ten-card hand without going bust, and if the dealer doesn’t show Blackjack, you automatically win.