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Whether you’re getting ready to play Online Blackjack for the first time, or you’re just looking to review the game rules and strategy, this ultimate guide to Online Blackjack will answer any questions you have. MansionCasino UK reviews Online Blackjack casinos and we’ll go over the rules, important terminology, and take a look at some of the most popular versions of the classic game, 21.


Basic Rules: How to Play Blackjack?

Whether you’re playing Online Blackjack or with a real deck of cards, the rules of the game are pretty easy to learn. The goal is simple – beat the dealer by having more points than the dealer, without going over 21.

Both the player and dealer are dealt two cards. The order the cards are dealt can vary by region, but regardless, the player has two face-up cards and the dealer has one card face-up and one face-down.

The player can decide to get more cards to get closer to 21, or stand and let the dealer play its hand. The dealer must hit if it has less than 16 points and stands on 17 or more.

There is some important blackjack terminology that you’ll come across in most Blackjack variants. Here is a glossary of the key phrases:

  • Card Value: Points are tallied by adding the value of the cards. Cards 2 - 10 are worth the number on the card. An Ace can be valued at either 1 or 11, whichever is beneficial to the player, and all picture cards are worth 10 points.
  • Hit or Stand: After receiving the two face-up cards, the player has the choice to “hit” and receive the next card or “stand” and complete the turn and let the dealer play.
  • Double Down: There are some hands, usually when the player has a 9, 10, or 11 that have odds that strongly favour the player. In these situations, you’ll have the option to double your bet and receive one additional card. Then the dealer will play its hand.
  • Split: if the player is dealt a matching pair of cards, they have the option to split the cards to two separate hands. A second ante bet must be placed and then each card receives a new second card. Some Online Blackjack variants have a one split limit per hand, while others do not. Using the table below can help you get a better chance to beat the dealer. If you’re not sure, then it’s better to leave it alone.

Your Hand

When to Split Vs the Dealer

2's, 3's

4 through 7

4's, 5's, 10's



3 through 6


2 through 7




2 through 6 and 8 or 9



  • Insurance: If the dealer has an Ace showing, the player will be given the option to buy insurance against a Blackjack. They will still lose the hand but will recoup the losses with a 2:1 payout.
  • Surrender: This option is only available in select Online Blackjack Variants, such as Blackjack Surrender. It gives the player the option to surrender, or fold, and recoup a portion of the ante bet.
  • Side Bets: Some games allow for side-bets that are based on the three face-up cards on the table and have no bearing on the outcome of the main game. The most common side bets are a “player pair” and “21+3.” Player Pair is based on the player’s two face-up cards, and 21+3 combines the three face-up cards on the table and if it makes a high-level poker hand, it will win.
  • Multi-Hand: some of the Blackjack tables will allow you to play up to 5 hands per round. If hand will be treated separately.

If something isn’t clear, or you still have questions about odds, payouts, or what specific buttons do, every Online Blackjack game comes with a detailed help menu that can be accessed by clicking on the “Hamburger” menu button.

Online Blackjack Rule Variations

Online Blackjack is a worldwide phenomenon. As the game spread around the world, each region made slight adjustments to personalize it.

  • European Blackjack: The game is played with two decks of cards. The biggest difference is in how the cards are dealt. The player receives two face-up cards, and the dealer only receives one of its cards. Only after the player has finished his hand does the dealer get its hole card. Some of the in-game rules are only one split per hand and doubling down is only an option if the player has between 9-11 points.
  • American Blackjack: American Blackjack games are played with between 6 and 8 decks. Both player and dealer are dealt with all their cards before the player has to decide whether to hit or stand. This is an advantage to the player because it prevents doubling down or splitting a hand when the dealer has a blackjack and allows the player to protect itself with the option for purchasing insurance.
  • Spanish 21: The deck is Spanish 21 is a bit different from most Online Blackjack variants. All of the “10” cards are removed before the game begins. This lessens the odds of getting a blackjack since now there are just J, Q, and K worth 10 points. It is also the only game that has a Late Surrender option. As soon as you don’t have a good feeling about your odds, surrender and recoup part of your bet.
  • Switch: Not only will you get to play two hands with a single bet, but you can also mix the 4 face-up cards to create the best hand. However, because of the significantly increased odds of creating a Blackjack, the payout is 1:1 instead of 3:2.
  • Pontoon: This British Blackjack variant has created its own terms to replace the stand, hit, and double. Instead, you can twist, stick, and buy when you want more cards, finish your hand, or double your bet. In cases of a tie, even with a Pontoon, the dealer wins the hand. After the Pontoon, the best possible had a 5-card trick, which is when you’re dealt 5 cards without going over 21. Even if the player has fewer points than the dealer, it’s considered a win.
  • Double Attack: A similar variant to Spanish 21, all of the 10 cards are removed from the deck. One unique feature is that not only can a player use the Late Surrender option, but there is no limit as to when a player can double down.

Blackjack Odds and Payouts

Online Blackjack has one of the lowest house edges of all online casino games and the payouts reflect that. Except for getting a Blackjack, which has a 3:2 payout, all wins payout out an even 1:1. In other words, if you win on a £10 bet, you’ll win £10 unless you have a Blackjack which will result in a £15 payout.

Winning Hand


£1 Bet Pays

Regular Hand


£2 (£1 + £1)



£2.5 (£1.5 + £1)

Some Online Blackjack variants are some modifications of payouts and odds based on individuals rules. For more information on how to see specific game odds and side bet odds, check out the Help and Support section below.

Guide: Basic Strategies and Tips

One of the reasons that Blackjack has been such a popular casino for over a century is the belief that it can be beaten. You even find a Blackjack strategy card in many casino gift shops that will tell you what to do based on the cards on the table.

The basic Blackjack strategy works whether you’re playing online or with a group of friends. Treat every face-down card as a 10 point card. The logic is simple, with 10s, jacks, queens, and kings, there are 4 times as many of these high-value cards as anything else.

For example, if you are dealt a 3 and 8, which gives you 11 points, the strategy says to double down because the odds are high that your next card will be a 10, giving you a 21.

Another example is, if you have a 7 and 5, giving you 12 points and the dealer has an 8 shows, you have to assume that it will win with 18. Therefore, even though the odds dictate that by hitting, you will receive a 10 point card and bust, it’s still worth hitting since the dealer would win with an 18.

Once you understand that strategy, you can put it use with these three tips.

  1. Split: Splitting a hand is always exciting, but it’s not always the smart move. Splitting a pair of 10s can be risky since you’re breaking up a great hand while splitting 7s and 8s is usually a good play. You should never split your hands If the dealer has an ace or a 10 showing.
  2. Double: Whether you can double on any hand or only with specific point values will depend on the variant you’re playing. If the dealer is showing an Ace, 10, or 9, you should hold off on doubling down unless you have 11 points.
  3. Surrender: This is a great option when available. If, after getting your cards, you don’t think you have good odds of winning, you can surrender your turn and recoup half of your ante bet.

Blackjack Promotions and Bonuses

MansionCasino has excellent bonuses and promotions running throughout the year. This includes an attractive Welcome Bonus and recurring bonuses that can be claimed when making deposits, getting bonus codes in your email, or on specific days of the week.

For all the latest offers, bonus types, Terms and Conditions, and wagering requirements, check out the promotions page today. The odds are good that you’ll even find a bonus that is geared for punters who prefer table games, such as Online Blackjack.

Mobile Experience

A lot of the Online Blackjack games at online casinos are fully compatible with mobile devices. You should expect the same gaming experience as you’d get on a desktop computer, albeit on a smaller screen.

One of the nice features is that the games are touch-friendly, so you can actually slide your chips onto the betting bale, just as if you were playing with physical chips.

The games are designed to look nice on mobile devices of all sizes. The buttons are large enough to be visible but not too big to take away from the overall look and feel of the game.  


How to win at Blackjack?

There are two ways to win in Online Blackjack. The first is to have more points than the dealer without going over 21. The second way is for the dealer to stay below 21 points while the dealer busts, or has more than 21. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you have just 3 points, as long as the dealer has 22 or more, you will win.

Is it possible to count cards in online Blackjack?

Courting cards is an illegal strategy where punters track which cards have been used, to increase the odds of winning. However, because the online deck is shuffled after each hand, there is no benefit to counting or tracking the cards that have been played.

Where can I play Blackjack against a Live Dealer?

MansionCasino has teamed up with Playtech’s Eurolive Platform to bring Live Dealer Blackjack to our punters. With Live Blackjack, you’ll be able to join a table at a remote casino and watch as the action unfolds via streaming video. You will be able to chat with your dealer, watch as the cards are dealt, and enjoy the live casino ambience.

Help and Support

Online Blackjack is an excellent casino game that is both exciting and easy to learn and play. However,  if you do have questions of any kind, there are several ways to get the answers you need. 

  • In-Game Help Menu: Every Blackjack game, whether you’re playing on your phone, desktop, or at the Live Casino, has an in-depth help menu. Click on the “Hamburger” button and to open it, and here you’ll find the complete odds and payouts for all bets, both regular and side bets, plus a detailed description of what each button does, and a complete breakdown of the game rules for each Online Blackjack variant.
  • Customer Support: If you can’t find answers in the Help menu, you can always reach out to our dedicated customer support They will be able to answer questions about your account, deposits, withdrawals, technical issues, and much more. They can be reached via telephone, Live Chat, and email.

Play for Real Money

Now that you know everything there is to know about Online Blackjack, it’s time to put that knowledge to the test and play for real money. Check out the large variety of Blackjack games and find the ones that fit you best.