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Using Neteller, an e-wallet payment solution at Mansion Casino is a highly efficient payment method used for sending and receiving funds through the web. Founded in the year 1999, the payment method is governed by the Financial Services Authority of the UK government.

Benefits of using Neteller

Based in the United Kingdom, the payment service is used by a large number of players for funding accounts and making payouts. It is the reliability and speed with which transactions are carried out by Neteller, which has resulted in the significant popularity of this payment method among casino players. Another advantage of using Neteller is that, it enables you to maintain anonymity while making transactions. You don’t need to provide your confidential information and personal details while using this payment system.

Neteller offers its players the unique feature of a one-time card number. It is by this feature that the e-wallet solution matches up to the popularity of Visa and MasterCard. By using Neteller, you have the option of issuing a one-time card. This can be used on any Visa or MasterCard enabled website. You can use the security code of your card to process the transaction. Once the payment is completed, the card number doesn’t exist anymore.


If you have not yet tried this payment service, do consider using it for making withdrawals and deposits at Mansion Casino next time. The payment system has gained worldwide fame with its efficient and easy to use procedures.