Make Your Transactions Easy With MasterCard Maestro

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Owned by MasterCard, Maestro was introduced in the year 1990. This debit card is obtained from associate banks and linked to the current account of a card holder. The payment made through MasterCard Maestro is authorized by the issuer of the card.


Maestro is the main debit card of the MasterCard group. It doesn’t require an electronic authorization. This makes the card an equivalent of signature debit card in some countries. When it comes to recognition, the card is accepted world wide as a trusted payment system. The Eurocheque system is replaced by MasterCard Maestro in Austria and Germany.

Using Maestro at Mansion Casino

We offer this popular payment method on our site to make transactions easier. Maestro is powered by the Cirrus network of MasterCard. The debit card of Maestro line works on similar lines as the card system offered by the same company. But a debit card has an edge over the card payment method of MasterCard. The former makes payments against funds already present in your account instead of credit. This makes it easier for players to track their finances and make deposits accordingly.

Another way in which the debit card differs from other cards is that for the former you need to insert a four digit security code to make an authorized transaction.

Getting Started

It takes only a few steps to get started with Mansion Casino using MasterCard Maestro. You can do so via the cashier section of the webpage. To make both deposits and payouts, your card needs to be registered. On entering the desired transaction amount, deposits and withdrawals can be made within seconds. To make payouts, the withdrawal tab has to be selected.