Play Double Attack Blackjack Online

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If you like playing online Blackjack games with some fast-paced action and an exciting twist, then our Double Attack Blackjack games on online casino could be exactly what you’re looking for. Benefits of playing Double Attack Blackjack include a payout of even money on a blackjack hand, and the chance to Double your initial wager after seeing the dealer’s face up card, before your own cards are dealt, as well as better payouts for Insurance. Available 24 hours a day, this state of the art online casino game is truly accessible, no matter how busy your schedule and offers heaps of fun. Play real money games for actual cash payouts. If you choose the real money Double Attack Blackjack games option today, you can also claim your Welcome Bonus up to £200 for extra bankroll before you even deal the cards.

How to Play Double Attack Blackjack

When dealing the cards the dealer will usually deal the player card and one dealer face up card before the player gets to take any action – but when you play Double Attack Blackjack, the dealer’s face up card is dealt first, and you are given the chance to double your wager before your hand is dealt. This means that if the dealer has a weak card showing, you can bet accordingly and increase your options of making the best moves. To start, decide to play real money games and then choose Double Attack Blackjack in the games lobby. Set your chip level and place your bets, then hit Deal. Once you have viewed your dealer’s cards, play your hand with the aim of beating the dealer with a hand of 21, or as close to 21 as you can without going bust. At the end of the game, our software will highlight winning bets and pay out winnings right away to your internet casino bankroll.

Special Double Attack Blackjack Rules

Double Attack Blackjack uses what is known as a Spanish deck of cards; this term refers to a deck of cards that has had all of the 10 cards removed, leaving just the Royal cards valued at 10 to make up a Blackjack hand. This means that there are less cards available for Blackjack, but to counterbalance this, you get improved payout odds for taking insurance. Otherwise based on standard online Blackjack rules, there are some special rules when you play Double Attack Blackjack, and this is what makes the game exciting. You can Surrender or Double on any number of cards; there are no restrictions. You can Surrender after a Double or split or at the beginning of a hand. You still enjoy the same range of payouts, but the Blackjack hand pays out at even money. However, Insurance pays out at a higher amount, with 3:1 awarded.