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Lucky Blackjack is one of the newest attractions at and players can easily access this new online blackjack variant along with other variants such as Blackjack Switch and 21 Duel Blackjack.

The biggest advantage of Lucky Blackjack is that it gives players the opportunity to enjoy some blackjack action without bothering about making major blackjack decisions such as hitting, standing, splitting, or even blackjack surrender.

The player is never dealt any cards in the case of Lucky Blackjack, but is prompted to bet on the outcome of the dealer’s moves.

How to Play Lucky Blackjack

The rules are very easy to understand.

  • Players begin by placing a bet.
  • Cards are then dealt to the dealer, who plays them as per the rules of standard blackjack.
  • The dealer hits on 16 or lesser and stands on 17 or more.
  • Once the dealer completes the hand, players can collect their payouts if they win.
  • Players can bet on any one or more outcomes of the dealer’s hand.

Payout Structure

The dealer can create a hand of any value, and each value carries different odds. Usually, casinos offer the following payouts for Lucky Blackjack.

If players bet that the dealer will get blackjack and win their bets, they will get a payout of 19:1. Here are the payouts for the other bet types.

  • Bust – 2:1
  • 21 – 12:1
  • 20 – 4:1
  • 19 – 6:1
  • 18 – 6:1
  • 17 – 5:1

The downside is that the house edge for Lucky Blackjack is higher because it is a relatively new blackjack variant based on a lot of guesswork and luck.

Playing Online

Players can access Lucky Blackjack at They first need to register a real money account at the casino, after which they can wager.

For blackjack with a twist, download our online casino software and begin playing. Or, if you prefer, you can choose from other exciting blackjack variations or other online casino games including Progressive Blackjack and Pontoon.