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An exciting online multi hand online Blackjack option that’s available as real money game, Perfect Blackjack follows the same standard rules but with a twist; there is an extra side bet that can earn you extra rewards. A state of the art casino game online, when you sign up and play Perfect Blackjack games at our internet casino, you can enjoy your favourite state of the art heads-up card game in the comfort of your own home, to suit your busy schedule. Both offer the very best in graphics, animations and fun, with game stability that is second to none. All you need is your computer and internet connection. And if you choose to play Perfect Blackjack or any of our other 300+ real money online casino games today, you can boost your bankroll before you even deal the cards with our exclusive Welcome Bonus up to £200.

How to Play Mobile Perfect Blackjack

Based on standard online Blackjack hand hierarchy, your aim when you play Perfect Blackjack is to beat the dealer with the best possible Blackjack hand. To get started, select how many Perfect Blackjack hands you would like to play; you can choose to pay up to five hands at a time in any round. Once this is decided, set your coin level using the + and – buttons and then hit the Deal button. You will receive one face up card and one face down card, and you then need to decide whether you want to Hit, Stand or Double – if you choose to double, this means that you are doubling your bet amount in return for one more card. If the dealer shows an Ace in the hand, you can also opt to take Insurance. The Insurance bet pays out at 2:1 if the dealer gets Blackjack on his second card, giving you the chance to take out some protection. Play your hand and then the dealer will play, and the best hand wins; when you win, our software automatically pays out your winnings to your online casino account.

Perfect Blackjack Special Features

This game offers players a special side bet that means you can still claim a win, even if you lose the hand against the dealer in the main game. This side bet gives you the chance to bet on whether the dealer, player or both will receive a pair in their initial deal made up of two cards. Payouts for this side bet start at 6:1 for a pair of mixed colour, going up to 25:1 for what is known as a perfect pair – a pair consisting of the same colour and suit. This game uses six decks, and so this combination is rare but possible!