Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

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Are you fascinated by the history of the ancient Egyptians? Well, if we’ve hit the nail on the head with this one, then you’ll really love this atmospheric delight. Our Pharaoh's Kingdom Scratch off cards will give you the spice you are craving along with a terrific opportunity to win cash! These online scratch card games are a popular, simple and thrilling experience, so give it a scratch now.

How to Play Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch

The Pharaoh's Kingdom Scratch cards have an engrossing theme running throughout the entire game. The screen is set up to take place inside a mausoleum or ancient throne room of some sort. The logo overhead shows a picture of the Sphinx, and all of the icons play perfectly into this theme. You’ll find regal cats, since the Egyptians thought that these feline friends were gods, holy texts, mystical symbols, gilded scarabs, deadly scorpions and more. All you need to do is connect one of these symbols with the prize symbol, and you’ll walk away a happy online casino games winner.

But how do you know what is going to win you the prize money? If you know anything about teapots, then you’ll recognize the action going on with that prize icon. The head of the idol steams up and pops right off to reveal the winning symbol in a novel and dramatic action. Match up this icon with one from the playing card, and you are as good as gold!

Pharaoh’s Kingdom Scratch Auto Function

If you like the Pharaoh's Kingdom Scratch offs but don’t fancy doing the clicking yourself, our online casino has a nifty automated function. The auto play is the savior for many online gamblers who just don’t have the patience or the stamina to keep on clicking round after round. With this brilliant feature, you can just sit back and watch the action happening on its own. You simply tell the system how much to buy each card for and how many rounds you want to play (up to 99 – after that, you’ll have to click play once more to start a new set of 99 games), and then the rest is magic. The cards will keep going, the balance will constantly be adjusted, and you’ll be undoubtedly amused. Ready for some fun?