Play Jacks or Better Video Poker Online at Mansion Casino UK

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Jacks or Better is an online video poker game offered in this single hand version and is one of the more popular choices available from the extensive collections of online casino games here at our online casino. As the original style of this game created, it’s the first one of its kind and therefore the perfect choice for a beginner to this type of gambling arena.

Jacks or Better Video poker at Mansion Casino

If you are familiar with basic poker rules then it’s only a hop, skip and a jump over to Jacks or Better and understanding what makes it special and how to win. If, however, you are still concerned about risking your money before you’ve gotten the hang of the game then there is no need to worry.

Playing Jacks or Better

The object of this game is to end up with at least two face cards or any combination of cards that would beat a pair of 10’s. Before you can start dealing out the hand, you’ll need to decide how much you want each of your chips to be worth and how many of those chips you want to put up for every hand played. The more you place on the felt, the higher your overall jackpot could turn out to be. Once you are ready, deal the cards. In Jacks or Better, all the cards are dealt face up and this allows you to see what you have and what hands you think you can build from the initial deal. The next step is to hold the cards you want to keep based on what you think the next cards will be. It is always a good idea to hold onto the face cards, but if you are close to a straight or a flush, you may want to go for those since they have much higher returns. If you succeed in winning a hand, you are given the option to double your winnings by trying to pick a higher card than the dealer shows on the next card turned over.