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Free spins are a great way to learn a new slot game with minimal risk, increase your odds of winning real money, and getting extra spins in your favourite online slot games.

MansionCasino UK has been providing the best online casino bonus spins for UK players. With a wide range of spins available for all UK players, the trick is finding the ones that suit you.

Spin Bonus Types

You don’t have to be an experienced online casino player to try and find the best types of free spins. You can receive them as part of the Welcome Bonus when you make your first deposit, or as part of a Deposit Bonus that happens when you make additional deposits. Some online slot games have free spins as part of the game, and you win them when certain symbols land on the reels. 

Here are the most popular types of spins that you can receive.

No Deposit Spins

There’s no hidden meaning here. There are some bonus spins that you can collect without making a deposit. Just opening an account can be enough to receive free spins, just enough to let you experience a few different games.

This free spins bonus isn’t always available, and it can be difficult to find at times. The number of spins varies with each promotion. In most cases, you’ll be able to claim up to 30 spins, although there are some rare cases where the bonus includes 50 free spins.

A free spin is a great opportunity for a UK player to get access to online slot games that are generally reserved for players who have made a deposit. Any money that is won during a bonus spin will go to a special bonus account and can be redeemed once you’ve met the wagering requirement or playthrough.

All casino bonuses will have a different requirement, so make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before claiming the bonus carefully, so there are no surprises when looking at your account. 

Deposit Required Spins

The easiest way to get bonus spins is to make a deposit and find a Welcome or Deposit Bonus that includes spins.

Most MansionCasino UK Welcome Bonuses have 100% matching funds, with a minimum and maximum deposit, and include bonus spins. Some bonuses require that you play a specific game, or group of games, while other times, the spins can be used with whatever games you want. 

Deposit Bonuses are one of the main ways that online casinos can thank the players who join and make a deposit. MansionCasino UK has built a reputation as one of the best online casinos, and it’s partly due to the excellent Welcome Bonus. Additionally, MansionCasino UK has a lower than average wagering requirement needed to redeem the money that was won while using bonus spins. 

There are always different bonuses and promotional offers available, and while you might be tempted to claim a few at once, only one bonus can be active at a time. So be on the lookout for the best bonus for you, read the Terms and Conditions, so there are no surprises and try and turn your bonus spins into real money.

Loyalty Program

The revamped loyalty program at MansionCasino UK has added a whole new level of gaming to your online casino experience. In addition to the possibility of winning real money, as you play online casino games, you’ll have to take on some challenges to receive badges and trophies. These can be converted to special Virtual Coins that can be used as bonus spins, among other prizes, when you play your favourite online slot games.

Slot Machines

There are plenty of good reasons to play online slots, but perhaps the most significant advantage is with the games that have extra spin features. All it takes is a certain combination of symbols on the reels, and you’ll be awarded extra spins, sometimes with a multiplier.

There is no set amount of extra spins that can be won in an online slot game. Each game can have a different method of determining the number of spins. Some games have a set number of spins based on the number of symbols that trigger the feature, while others have a pick-and-click game that determines the number of spins. 

You can find out more information about specific games when you visit the MansionCasino UK online slot page.

Winning Real Money

Whether you’re using bonus spins or winning extra spins in online slot games, you’ll always have the chance to win real money. The only difference is the money earned while playing with deposit or no deposit spins is added to a special account. To move the money to your general account, or make a withdrawal, you will have to meet the minimum wagering requirement.

Money won during an in-game bonus is instantly awarded to your general account and can be used to play any online casino game, or withdrawn. 

Wagering Requirement

To prevent players from claiming bonus money and simply withdrawing, all bonuses, including bonus spins, have what’s known as a playthrough or wagering requirement. While the specifics vary with each bonus, the idea is the same. You must use the with all bonus spins, and there is a wagering requirement, also known as a playthrough or rollover. The specific requirement will vary for each promotion, but the concept is the same. The bonus money must be used a certain amount of times before it can be withdrawn. Bonus spins will also typically include a timeframe that the spins must be used before becoming invalid.

You can find more general information on the casino page, or in the Terms and Conditions of each specific bonus.


It’s always exciting to play online slot games with bonus spins. Whether you’re claiming a deposit or no deposit bonus or spinning the reels with in-game spins, the personal risk is much lower, and the rewards can be sky-high. You never what that next spin will bring, will it be a progressive jackpot, a big 5-in-a-row type win, or maybe some exciting bonus feature?

Read about free spins and check out the bonuses and promotion page today to see all the latest offers. Start playing all your favourite online casino games today.