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In Running Baccarat is exactly what it sounds like; the good old game of Baccarat with the additional excitement of side bets that crop up all over the place! If you have been a fan of this card extravaganza for years now, then it is time you tried your hand at one of these rounds. No matter what angle you come from, we guarantee this is one gamble you are going to want to take!

In Running Baccarat VS. Regular Baccarat

Let’s take a step backwards for a second to bring things more clearly into perspective. Baccarat, the original, is a card game that lets you bet on either the player winning, the dealer winning or both drawing a tie. While exciting and greatly entertaining, this form is certainly limited in the sense of the wager options. Players who love to play casino games for the many and varied betting possibilities, will definitely find something lacking in the original form of Baccarat. Luckily, there is always a solution when dealing with our live casino, and that is where In Running Baccarat steps into play. Instead of holding only three possibilities for you, the effervescent online casino gambler will find multiple wagers for the taking. Here are a few of them:

In Running Baccarat Bets

  • Of course, the good old trio is always available to you. You can place your money on either the player, banker or tie options, as usual, but with so many other possibilities, it would be a crime to limit yourself to just those!
  • Next up, you’ll find something called pair bets. This category has a few options to choose from, and you can see the odds for each one of them before betting on it to help make your decision easier. You can choose either player or banker pair, meaning you think that the player or the banker will end up with a pair in his hand. Alternatively, you can choose either pair. This wager states that one of the two will have a pair, and it doesn’t matter which one actually holds the set. So long as one of them has it, you win this bet. Finally, a perfect pair bet is that the banker and the player are both holding pairs, and these pairs are made of the same suit as one another. This is a 25:1 wager, so you will get a hefty pay out if it occurs.
  • Lastly, there is a big or small bet when you play In Running Baccarat. Think the totals will be five or six? Bet big. Think it’ll be four? Bet small!

Now you are ready to play In Running Baccarat, so let’s get busy!