Making Transactions with Sofort

Sofort, also known as Sofortuberweisung is a Germany based payment system, focusing on bank transfer. When translated into English, ‘Sofort’ means ‘immediately’. The name only suggests the efficiency and fast responsiveness of the process.

Sofort has gained considerable fame among casino enthusiasts due to the ease with which deposits and payouts can be made through this method. Mansion Casino makes the payment method available to its players to ensure quick and easy transactions.

How does it work?

The system works by establishing a direct connection between Mansion Casino, you and your bank. This is done by forming a link between your Mansion Casino account and your bank account. This eliminates the need of third party interference, making the process free of complications. Players having an online account can therefore transfer funds to and from their Mansion Casino account as and when they require.

Advantages of using Sofort

Deposits and payouts at our site usually involve large amounts of cash. Hence, players desire a payment system that is reliable and fast. This is exactly what Sofort has to offer. It ensures a safe payment platform. Since a direct link is created between players and their bank accounts, transactions are made strikingly fast. Confirmation and verification is done by the payment method instantly and the same is notified to players within a short time.

When it comes to hidden costs and processing fees, in the case of Sofort, there are none. The absence of a third party during transactions makes the payment system free of any additional charges. Being networked with the major banks of Germany, our players get a wide range of choices when using this payment method.

How to use Sofort at Mansion Casino?

The secured payment system is also easy use. Visit the cashier page of Mansion Casino and choose the ‘Bank transfer’ option for making deposits or payouts. Choose Sofort as the payment option and enter the desired transactional amount to complete the process.