Play DC Superhero Slots at Mansion Casino UK

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s the exciting new DC superhero slots at Mansion Casino UK! Some of the world’s most iconic superheroes, master villains and comic book legends are arriving at an internet casino near you.

The seeds of DC comics, originally known as Detective Comics, were sown in the 1930s – the Golden Age of comics. There are many classic comic book characters associated with the DC brand, but Batman and Superman are – arguably – its two leading protagonists.

The DC superheroes have been reinvented many times on both the television and at the cinema. Now, it’s the turn of online slots to put a new spin on these unforgettable characters. Making an early appearance is the caped crusader Batman, and his chirpy sidekick Robin. The crime-busting duo take centre stage in two awesome new games at Mansion Casino UK: Batman & The Joker Jewels and Batman & Catwoman Cash.

Slots Just Got Superhero Supersized – Play DC Superheroes at Mansion Casino UK

Both games are based on the classic 1960s television programme and have their tongues firmly planted in their collective cheeks. Camp, outrageous and full of kitsch, these two online slots are a perfectly balanced tribute to the source material. There’s plenty of wow with this KAPOW!

Visually, the games are stunning, with audio and video clips from the original television programmes. Both online slots are packed with features and bonus rounds, and it all adds up to a next generation gambling experience that’s bags of fun to play.

You can sample the delights of Gotham’s finest absolutely free at Mansion Casino UK, if you open the game in practice mode. There’s no registration and it’s a great opportunity to work out your strategy for real money casino play.

According to game developers Playtech, more DC superhero slots are in the pipeline. You can expect to see the likes of Superman and the Green Lantern very soon. In fact, there will be a total of six DC superhero slots to choose from.

Is It A Bird? Is it a Plane? No… it’s DC Superhero Slots at Mansion Casino UK

The DC superhero slots are all linked to four progressive jackpots. To be eligible to win, you must be playing the online slots for real money. Make your first deposit today at Mansion Casino UK and enjoy a Welcome Bonus worth up to £200.

Just use any one of our secure payment methods to credit your account and the Welcome Bonus will be added to your balance. You can use your Welcome Bonus to play any game at Mansion Casino UK, including the DC superhero progressive online slots.

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So what are you waiting for? Join the DC superheroes and enjoy a little action at the tables of Mansion Casino UK. Good luck and enjoy!