Cashback Blackjack Online

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Playtech are the kings of online blackjack and pretty much all other casino games, and in creating Cashback Blackjack they have further cemented their legendary status in the gambling community. Cashback Blackjack is a unique take on a popular game, one that keeps all of the classic elements that have made blackjack a leading game for centuries, while also introducing some novelty features to appeal to modern players.

Cashback Blackjack gives players the chance to “hit” or “stand” on every hand, as usual, and it also employs “double” and “split” options.

The Cashback Feature

Cashback Blackjack takes its name from a unique feature inspired by the “surrender” option. Typically, a “surrender” feature will allow players to give up their hands and get some of their money back. This feature is widely used by pro players who have a good feel for when a hand is not going to go their way, but it’s rarely found on modern online blackjack variants.

Playtech have decided not only to include it, but to bring it into the 21st century. Their cashback feature offers players a cash value for their hand at every turn. That value will be based on the strength of their hand in comparison to the dealer’s hand, so it will be less than their bet when they are in a poor position, and more than their bet when they are in a strong position.

The feature adds a whole new tactical element to the game of virtual blackjack, while still offering many other beneficial features, such as:

  • A blackjacks pay 3:2
  • Insurance pays 2:1
  • Betting begins at just £1
  • Dealer draws to 16 and stands on 17

Cashback Blackjack also offers a Perfect Pairs side bet and a 21+3 side bet. Perfect Pairs is one of the most common side bets in blackjack and lets players bet on whether or not their first 2 cards will be paired up. There is a maximum payout of 25:1 with this side bet. 21+3 offers a maximum payout of 100:1 and the goal is to form what amounts to a strong poker hand from the player’s first 2 cards and the dealer’s up-card.

Play Cashback Blackjack on Online Casinos

Cashback Blackjack is available through the download casino and via mobile casino, and it can be played as part of the Welcome Bonus.

Cashback Blackjack is just one of many online blackjack games available online casinos UK, and if cards are not your thing then maybe many other casino games will be, including a host of online slots, a selection of online roulette titles, and much more.