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A fast-paced and thrilling game, the aim of No Commission Live Baccarat is to bet which of two hands – either the Banker or the Player – will get a hand that is closest to a point total of nine. You can also opt to bet on a Tie and this is the highest paying result in the game. Played with a deck of eight cards, you can enjoy plenty of winning opportunities as you go head to head with the dealer – and as the outcome is on your prediction, rather than your hand, you can lose your hand but still win the game! Only available as real money games, you can also claim your exclusive internet casino Welcome Bonus up to £200 when you sign up and play No Commission Live Baccarat today.

No Commission Live Baccarat Basics

The presence of a live casino games dealer via streamed video provides you with one of the most exciting and authentic internet casino experiences around. The dealer deals the cards, gives in-game statistics, and announces the winners; meanwhile, you use the software to place your bets and receive your winnings – the whole process is seamless and enjoyable, so you can concentrate on having fun. When you play No Commission Live Baccarat, all ten-value cards count as zero, and Aces count as one. Number cards are the value of the number shown on the card, and how you calculate the value of your hand is as follows: add up the points value of your hand. If it adds up to a double digit, e.g. 11, you drop the tens section so your hand is actually worth 1. You need to get a score of nine or as close to nine as possible to win – the hand with the highest point value wins, and you win your bet if you made the correct prediction.

No Commission Live Baccarat Winnings and Payouts

Remember: the only way you can win is to predict which hand will have the highest score, so you can lose your hand but still win the game. Payouts are 1:1 when you win, unless the Banker won on an 8; in this instance, you are paid out at 1:2 (e.g. if you bet £1 and won in this scenario, you would take home £0.50 plus your stake). However, the biggest win is for a Tie – this nifty little bet pays out at a massive 8:1. And the best bit is, usually, there would be 5% commission paid on a Banker win, but with No Commission Live Baccarat the clue is in the game name: you don’t pay any commission on this winning result so you take home better payouts. As you play, look to the top left corner of your screen to see previous outcomes – this gives you more info about the game.