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Are you tired of the current level of your gambling stakes? Do you get the urge to place larger bets than the limit will allow you? Are you ready for a greater challenge to put down on the table? Then it is time you opted in for a round or two of VIP Baccarat. This exciting new option gives you all the fun and speed of regular Baccarat, but it has a few differences that you are going to really like. Come in now, and let’s face this thrilling new online casino games challenge together!

What Makes VIP Baccarat Special?

VIP Baccarat, our special live casino game holds a unique sort of delight for our punters because it creates an element of exclusivity with its rules and regulations. As you would expect with a VIP game, VIP Baccarat is only available to the cream of the crop, the top punters that really take their gaming seriously. Why? Because in these rounds, the stakes are staggeringly high, and the competition is fierce, so only enter if you are ready to stand up to the test!

How to Play VIP Baccarat

Remember how to play Baccarat? It’s a great game for playing the odds. There are three possibilities to bet on, and you can put down chips on whichever you feel is the winning option. Whether it’s the banker, the player or a tie that you are betting on, your chances of having fun are guaranteed. VIP Baccarat works the same way, and you get to enjoy a few perks like the ones below:

  • Statistics: Have you ever felt like you could have won that last round if you’d just paid more attention to the previous rounds? That horrible sick feeling is a thing of the past thanks to the statistics feature from our VIP Baccarat game. You can now trace all your previous wagers, and see which ones were successful and which ones weren’t. It’s a goldmine of information for the smart punter, so use it wisely!
  • Betting Limits: As mentioned, the limits for these games are considerably higher. What this translates to is a higher payout when you win, and that is nothing to sneeze at!

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