Classic Roulette Online

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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s also one of the oldest and was one of the first to make it into land-based casinos and online casinos. In celebration of this history Playtech have created Classic Roulette, which showcases all of the great features of this brilliant casino game, including great odds, a pristine aesthetic, and a layout that makes it easy to see the wheel and the table at the same time.

Classic Roulette is an online roulette variant and it can be played through the downloadable version of the Mansion online casino. There is a wide betting range, allowing players to stake anywhere from £1 to £25 per bet, and there are multiple different types of bet, ranging from the short odds of “Black/Red” and “Odd/Even” to the high odds offered by individual number bets.

It’s also possible to bet on number combinations, which is when you place your chips between 2 or 4 numbers and win a share of the spoils when one of those numbers comes up.

Once you have placed your bets and taken your spin, you can repeat the same bets simply by pressing the “re-bet” option. This will allow you to keep playing with only 1 click, giving you a chance to speed-up those games and hasten those big wins.

Why Play Classic Roulette?

There are many variants of roulette, some more accessible and player friendly than others. Those in the know tend to favour games of French or European Roulette as opposed to American Roulette, as there are fewer “0” green squares on the wheel, which means the odds of landing one of the other bets are slightly higher. The great thing about Classic Roulette is that it adopts these French/European rules and has the odds to match.

The fact that it’s an online roulette variant also means that it’s very quick and easy. Playtech have gone out of their way to make this as accessible as possible, and even if you have never played this game of chance before you can still quickly adapt.

You’ll be an expert within a matter of minutes!

Play This Great Roulette Game Now

You can play this top online roulette variant, and many other great casino games, on different online casinos UK. It is just one of several roulette games, and there are also many games of online blackjack, online baccarat, online craps, virtual scratch cards and more. If table games aren’t quite your thing then maybe our many online slots will be.