Play Blackjack Scratch Online at Mansion Casino UK

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Blackjack Scratch is so engrossing and so much fun that it will appeal to all sorts of online casino games players. Whether you prefer the cards or the scratch cards, or even if you just like to play any old casino game, you’ll love this unique version.

What Exactly Is Blackjack Scratch

When the game starts, you’ll forget that you aren’t at a table game, because on your screen you’ll see a typical Blackjack table. You’ll be in the player’s chair directly opposite the dealer. Just like in the classic table game, you’ll place your bets by choosing your card value. Then click on the deal button and watch all the action unfold.

In Blackjack Scratch you’ll be playing three hands, so the dealer will deal you three sets of cards from the shoe. Each betting area will be given a chip and a pair of cards – one face-up and one face-down. Then the dealer himself will be dealt one face-up card and one face-down card too. Now in the next step you’ll remember suddenly that you’re actually playing a variety of online scratch card games, because you’ll be asked to scratch all the face-down cards. You can either do this manually by scratching on each one, including the dealer’s, or else you can go with the ‘Scratch All’ option. This is preferable for many players because the system will do it for you. Your cards will be revealed first, and lastly, the dealer’s card will be rubbed away by the silver coin.

How To Win At Blackjack Scratch

Just like in traditional Blackjack, your aim is to beat the dealer by getting closer to 21 in total card value. The cards have the same values as in the traditional game, except here you won’t need to decide whether to hit for a third card or to stand. No-one gets a third card, because all you’re doing is rubbing away the top of each face-down card to see what card you hold. Then the system will calculate the point totals of each of your 3 hands, and if any of them beats the dealer’s total, without going bust of course, you’ll be the winner! The amount you’ll win depends on which of your three hands beat the dealer’s, because each hand has a different paying amount.

Blackjack Scratch is a huge hit at Mansion Casino because of its unique card game element. When you sign up and try your hand at this online casino game, you’ll get the scatch game fever!