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Bowling is a sport for all ages. Adults enjoy the skill and expertise that you need to display in order to really be a pro at the game, while kids just love watching those pins scatter and fall! No matter who you are, it’s quite a thrill to see the ball rolling slowly down the lane, gaining momentum, and finally colliding with its target in a colossal boom of noise, motion and excitement. If you are already getting revved up for your next game just reading about it, then maybe you should check out Bonus Bowling, one of our online arcade games. This casino game offers great entertainment from the comfort of your home. Take a look!

How to Bet in Bonus Bowling

Bonus Bowling works a lot like the regular alley version that you are used to only, rather than you expending the effort to throw the ball, the computer does it for you. First you start off by placing the wagers that you want for the game. There are several to choose from, and you can make multiple bets at a time, so you can really have some fun with this one. Some of the wagers include betting on a spare or a strike, and you can also choose the number of pins that will be knocked down in the event that neither of the first two options pan out. The pin variations are zero to three, four to seven and seven to nine.

How to Play & Win Bonus Bowling

Once all bets are recorded, click on the Throw button to get things started. A nice graphic of a bowling ball will be tossed onto the screen, and, as a bowling pro, you will certainly appreciate the details including all the sounds, the reflection against the wooden paneling and the realistic motions that go into each round. If a strike is not hit, then a second ball will be dispensed with the same authenticity as the first. After both rounds are completed, the score will be tallied, and your earnings will automatically be awarded

Bonus Bowling also has a fun bonus round. The Golden Frame round replaces the usual round, and it gives you a prize of ten times the wager amount when you win! It’s always fun around here, so come visit the greatest alley there is at our online casino today for some fast good times!