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Who isn’t up for a day at the racetracks? No matter what the weather is like outdoors, we are always racing around here, and the odds are great that your horse could be the next champion stallion. At least, that is the case when you play Derby Day from our lobby. You’ll get the chance to race the greatest beasts on the clear track with fans cheering you on. Ready for some action? There’s the bell!

Derby Day Highlights & Wagers

Derby Day was definitely designed by somebody with an excellent eye for detail and a whole lot of talent to fill them in. Every inch of the screen is covered with fitting and appealing sights and icons, and the method of play is as brilliant as the design. First you’ll meet the horses: Corner Kick, Scarlet Ally, Daily Dynamite, Speed of Light, Prodigal Son and Deer of Doom. Once introduced, you are going to be asked to place a wager, naturally. There are several options, and the one that you choose will set the course for this online arcade game. Fancy Speed of Light as the winner? Then put your money on him. You can click on any single horse to predict him as the winner of the race. Is it a toss up between Prodigal Son and Deer of Doom that you are struggling with? Then go for the Exacta option. This allows you to bet on the first two horses that will come in first and second. Just put the floating coins on the horse that you favour, and let’s go!

More Bets on Derby Day

If you really aren’t very good at these predictions, you can go with a broader bet like the Place bet. This lets you bet on as many horses as you like in the hop that one of them will turn out all right. Place lets you wager on the first and second place horses. There is also a Show bet that lets you select the first three horses to come across the Derby Day finish line. This too is an open-ended wager, so go for this one if you aren’t that experienced. Finally, you can choose to select all the positions that these beautiful creatures will finish in. This is a risky business, but that’s kind of what gambling is all about, so have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to try something new. Now confirm your bet, and see if you’ve won the race at our online casino UK! Check out the wide range of online casino games at Mansion Casino and you'll soon be coming back for more!